How does one evoke the spirit of a tarot card?

I’ve been seeing a YouTube commercial about evoking “The Lovers” card. I’d like to evoke a plethora of other cards in order to change my life based upon my intent and open loopholes in my reality. Anyone have experience with that?


i think there is one book by baal kadmon if im not mistaken is called prosperity magic or something like that he uses tarot cards to bring wealth, but that method is being used a lot, using tarot cards to manifest something…

i dont know if this ritual may help you that you may substitute sigil of the spirit with tarot but try to find on google im sure you may get a web that explains only that topic you are looking for.

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I am more on the belief tarot don’t have spirits in them, however. Many practitioners believe they do so I’d go on to believe you can evoke the individual egregoric entities into them unless you buy a deck that specifically does have spirits attached to them.

My own decks don’t but there is this one deck I always wanted that does, but on how to evoke them you use the specific tarot as a sigil like you would any demon sigil or angel seal.


Velenos which deck is it that you use the sigil? I have one deck with sigils but haven’t really used it.

None of them, all my decks are infused with my own energy while two I linked one to Odin and another to the Fae, but you can use each card as a sigil to evoke say the hang man egregore, the magician, the empress, etc.

There are some decks that are naturally tied to entities like the daemon deck to the goetia sigils.


I agree with @anon48079295. From my experience, I don’t believe that the Rider Waite deck works through any spirits or have any ones attached. Some decks do have spirits attached however. Like Lon Milo Duqette’s Ceremonial Magick deck, as he evoked a whole host of spirits beforehand, some that were channeled by Crowley as well as various Goetic Demons and even Enochian Angels I believe. And the cards also have the appropriate spirits’ sigils on them, so that is used during evocation.

You may be able to use each card as a gateway to a spirit that has similar characteristics, but I think using their sigil will still be more direct. But if you want to, then you can use the card as you would a sigil.