How does one change one's soul contract or destiny... If there's such a thing?

Those “soul contracts” one supposedly enters into before one’s current incarnation… Do you believe in that? Have you ever attempted to nullify yours?

Here’s an excerpt from a pertinent article:
"There are plenty of reasons why a person may wish to change their soul contract. Here are just a few:

  • You may have already achieved the goals outlined in your original soul contract
  • You may have already learnt all the lessons your contract said you should learn
  • Your dreams and aspirations may have changed
  • You may struggle to overcome very important obstacles in your life”

How do I change my soul contract?

Thankfully, a soul contract is not set in stone. The power is ultimately in your hands and, if you want to change direction, it’s up to you to steer yourself down the path of your choice.

With the help of a psychic, you can amend your contract and rewrite your guide, diverting yourself towards new life lessons and experiences.

By rewriting your soul contract, you can change your life completely and knock down any barriers that have been standing in your way.

Whether you’re trying to find love, overcome the feeling of being ‘stuck in a rut’ or progress your career, a soul contract psychic reading can help you on your soul searching journey."

I’m reading one would need the assistance of a psychic specialized in that. And I’m also reading many are only in it for a quick buck, may not be competent enough (despite stellar reviews), etc. Could one attempt to change such a contract with no assistance?

Personally, I don’t believe in such a thing. The New Age idea that we are all here for a specific purpose just doesn’t fit with my experience.

Besides, who or what, exactly, is a “soul contract” with?


There’s some meditations I found at that walk you through declaring all and any contracts null and void.

I tried those and noticed no changes.

I didn’t believe in such things until I found one that directly affected me. And now I know what it is, even though “I”, my conscious mind, didn’t make it, I know who and why and I choose to honour it as a conscious and awake spirit, out of love and loyalty to those who are working with me.
The beings I have the agreement with don’t see me as different than the discarnate they made the agreement with. “We signed an agreement.” is the sentiment, period. It’s VERY specific and VERY personal. It matters to me at a fundamental spiritual level.

I am not a fan of the idea that we have “contracts to be unhealthy” or whatever. I think that’s better characterised as “parasites” and thoughtforms.

I don’t believe in “contracts” to learn anything or have given goals as a human. We might be here to get experience to evolve, or to help, but that’s not a contract, it’s just what we’re doing. Likewise I don’t believe in contracts to have human goals: that seems way too specific and a great way to shoot yourself in the foot.

This is a problem when you are not yourself. If you fuck with contracts when you have not yet remembered who you really are, and not even talked to those you have any kind of agreement with, you could really hurt yourself or someone or something you as a higher being value.

You will never have a “contract” to suffer, imo. I absolutely don’t agree with the way the idea of “karma” is corrupted abused in the west as a punishment, that’s nonsense. So there are better ways to bring wanted energy to you and clear out the unwanted, and this is also part of finding out who you are.

THIS :point_up:

“Soul contracts” are only dogma when you merely have some faceless, vague, nothing on the other end.

As far as “destiny” goes, I’ve rambled on about that in other posts I won’t bore everyone again, but in a nutshell I don’t believe in it either. :slight_smile: You swim in a stream of probability though time, some things are harder to avoid than others, but you can change direction and swim a different route.


With one or more spirit guides, apparently.

From a different article:
“You can go back and speak with your spirit guides about whether or not it would be possible for them to make adjustments or give you more insight into what is causing your lessons right now. It doesn’t always happen, but it is certainly worth asking!”

Note: Not sure I can link those articles on here since those sites offer paid psychic readings.

Yeah, like I said, I don’t believe they’re an actual thing. In my opinion, they’re New Age nonsense, but, just like Enoch Petrucelly’s idiotic fake moon BS, if you do rituals based on the idea they’re real, then they will become real in your experience.

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I agree with @DarkestKnight on this one i don’t believe in this soul contract think it to me sound too new age. i came to earth on my own will.