How Does One Become Astrally Aware?

Im Already Astrally Aware, Can Astral Project, But I Stumbled Into This Randomly. And Now I Can Do It, Ive Had Alot Of People Ask How Do You Do It. So Does Anyone Know Of Good Excerises That Activate Astral Awareness?


when you project for the first time, it’s most likely either going to be a white or black canvas. try structuring your room around you with every single detail intact.


It tends to build in experience the more you practise…there’s lots of different techniques depending on the experience desired by the participant…


When I go to the astral it’s usually a sea of random ass energy like how it looks in a lava lamp, then I just use my imagination to warp the area around me, at least temporary in the ever-changing structure of the astral.

I tend to partial project so I can keep notes of experiences as I go.


Also in my opinion the participant Learning no matter the kind of technique they use they will alter it to develop their skills…also there are only certain techniques/methods that should be explored if your experienced…

I’ve been astro projecting for years…was taught young…by an experienced witch, I even do it unintentionally due to bonds I’ve made.
I have a starting plain, there are always 3 beings there waiting, I can either go to them or travel else where but the beings still interact if there interested,
I’ve used another magicians starting plain too but both very experienced as the pull is strong before and after…

IMO I hear a lot about people asking about getting assistance to be pulled out…souls/spirits are incredibly complicated amazing things and there is a lasting impact from doing this…

Practise… practise and more practise is the way forward, let go of ego and fear consciously and subconsciously and ask for guidance if your a beginner.


Sometime before I was always projecting every time very early before dawn. I was so skilled at this, but spirits will very much often times keep you entrapped in your body, because they do not want you to “see too much.” They like to keep you unaware. I’d say if you plan to banish spirits who detain you from coming out of your body. I was pushed back into my body many times, by entities who watch over me.