How does one ascend?

I have looked thorughout the forum, and most of the stuff on here is about people telling about their ascent, but there isn’t alot of resources on here with an ascention tutorial. Because of the situation I am in (Aka stuck with my catholic mother till I turn 25 cause conservitorship) I cannot even download pdfs. So how can I ascend?

Angelic Ascent and Demonic Ascent are the two I want to do.

Are you sure? One tends to get stuck either up or down. I myself am working with demons but rising higher, but that means you start at the bottom and go up? Would you like that? If you are really lucky I might be able to help you climb all the way up from the bottom. lol There is reason why you might want to do that but that’s not easy. you might want to do that if you want to learn a whole shit ton of knowledge to apply to upper levels of ascension. If you start ascending up but go down that’s a sad story as far as I can tell. I sort of think ascent sort of sucks ascension is getting a bit better, do you want to go to Heaven and see Jesus? If so why are you on the forum? Perhaps you want to raise your vibration and have your own plane and be a big guru?

Perhaps you need to redefine the question?

I want to work my way up from the Infernal Realm and rise to the Heavens and come back down. That is how one truly becomes a Living God, by expiriencing and mastering both the Light and Dark.

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Okay I think I can help. What I’m wondering is how far down? You don’t want to go to Hell to become a living God. Try this merge with God and come back down to the astral plane, and help a lot of people by spreading your light and bi locating everywhere. That would be super sweet.

If that isn’t enough you can be come a king in Hell, that is the soft version of the God experience but don’t let the word soft fool you, it’s the nightmare version of the God experience.

Do you really want to master the dark? That would be Satan. I don’t know if that’s what you really want. I do that. It can be really tough and really scary, but you are the first person I think who I ‘might’ actually recommend it to. Learning from it.

If you think you need demons I think you need to call Lucifer and Astaroth to do shadow work on you to help you figure out, I think your ready for that.

As for angels Gabriel can be good at helping you know what you want, and as far as ascension goes I myself would probably ask Metatron and Raziel for help with that.

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I do want to master the dark. It would make me stronger, so I can get rid of my silly earthly fears and make myself a force to be reckoned with.

It’s because ascent is a heavily subjective idea where you muddle around until you find your own way of “ascension”

Though I think people put too much stock in the infernal and the ‘heavens’ given the infernal doesn’t quite have anything to do with the Gods, and the heavens are far and many.


Demonic Ascent may be inspired to Angelic one, which is done for example Golden Dawn style, through Sephirothic invocations (of course, for demonic, Qliphoth instead):
Practice the fourfold breath, meanwhile visualize the name of an angel in Hebrew letters and, if possible, arrange them so to form the image of that angel. Anyway imagine the angelic form around you or as you, and vibrate more times the entity’s name. Start with the Malkuth (Sandalphon), Yesod (Gabriel)… all the way up to Kether.

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You can ascend just by gaining spiritual power. In balg and other schools of thought, ascension is having enough spiritual power that you don’t die in the second death. Also to to train consciousness to the point where you don’t lose it after death.
In other thoughts like new age, ascension is just gaining a higher level of consciousness and embodying your true/higher self.

Demonic ascension is just using demonic energies to ascend. Heavenly ascent is using angelic energies to ascend.


Look I know this is the wrong place to say it, but demonic ascent sucks. Every pathworking when I see what it actually is, I end up saying holy shit do I ever not want that. That’s what I found in my gnosis, but I am thoroughly convinced. I don’t want to be a king, a gatekeeper, or work the qlipoth. The fun part is in doing the pathworking, having more a clear understanding what it is when you die, not for me. To bad for you if that’s what you do.

@Ulunas What you really need more than anything is to know what you want. You don’t need to do any dark mastery, it’s dangerous too, I just started learning a very tiny bit, it’s a fun pathworking but you really don’t necessarily need it to be happy.

Let me know if this sounds about right: you want to be a real magus, you don’t want to end up the fool before and after becoming the magus, you want freedom from the worst Hell has to offer, but some dark things including demons have your interest and maybe something you really do need, and you want to ultimately transcend this reality into the astral and find true meaningful happiness, not some dumb shit that sounds neat just because it was the first thing offered, does that sound about right to you?

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Start by defining what is that you wish as a Goal.
Do not be ridiculous by mixing the road by the Goal.

Remember that you will bring your Goal down by giving it a noun. Power, Money, Love what for? To sing a song, to change the world?
What is the song, how will you make changes. Many who amass “power” become only but keepers (slaves) of the power waiting for another individual to come by and take it.

Define your goal and the road will be clearer.

Must there be a goal?

As I said in a different post, I don’t believe in “hell” as a place. I know what I want to do, and for me, I would want to be able to ascend to the ranks of Asmodeus, who thinks of me as a son. I want to make him proud and show everyone that I am not weak.

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My goal is to become a force to be reckoned with and rise up to be among the ranks with Asmodeus.

Any particular reason, or just because you can.

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Ascension for me is merely making movement - or moving forward. There isn’t and doesn’t always have to be a "one-way’ road or even destination. Ascension is movement that causes growth in some area.

For me my petition to Lilith - and working with her is the “spiritual” side of ascension.
The mudane side is obviously continuing to make a life for myself, working on my anxieties/depression - as well as other things.

Ascension also isnt purely spiritual. It’s expansion.

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So could Father Asmodeus help me in the spiritual side of ascension?

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I think basically anyone can. If Father Asmodeus is helping you grow, and move forward then I would say yes.

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What do you mean by ascension?

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You are low-key asking the right questions

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