How does one actually become a vampire

I’ve always wondered if becoming a vampire was truly possible now that I’ve came to this site I’ve not only learned that Im not 100% delusional by my beliefs but it’s possible if anyone can lead me in a way to find out how it would be greatly appreciated

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A Vampire is made, not born. This making comes from direct and personal contact with the Undead Gods. The original and correct purpose of all magical ritual is to attract and meet with the Undead in the sacred act of Vampiric Communion.

The gatherings for Vampiric Communion have always drawn the human aspirants as well as Those Who Have Risen to remote and isolated settings and shall continue to do so until the end of the world.

Many forms of vampirism exist. But I’ll list one sort so to speak…

Vampires are upon the people. They have originated from the human stock yet speak to the following stage in human advancement: who acknowledge what’s more, brilliance in such ruthless nature.

They completely acknowledge inhuman impulses and carnal desire with starting points while applying the intensity of their psyches and Will to the accomplishment of most profound wants through natural and mystical force.

Their scope stretches out from the most noteworthy corporate official workplaces to the most detached nation bequests. It incorporates essentially every calling and way of life. They have a normal arrangement for the world and for their own individual physical eternality.


A vampire is also born, there’s different forms of vampires, ones who are simply that due to practicing predatory vampirism, ones that are reincarnated ones, ones that are born with energy systems that cannot maintain energy so they have to feed on other energies, as well as those who were attacked and said attack results in their system having significant damage.


Unlike popular media, it is a very, very rare thing to be turned into a vampire or any other race. It is a process that only very few vampires are capable of doing, and even then, there’s no guarantee you would survive it.

Turning is like organ donation, there’s a very high chance your body would reject it if not compatible, and even if you’d survive, you’d end up crippled in some way or form. There’s also the fact that you would never be anything more than half vampire if successful.

Aside from that, why would you want to be turned in the first place? What benefit would you get out of it that would outweigh the risks? If it’s for something like you feel your life would be better if you weren’t human, and vampires have been so glorified that it appeals to you, then you’re absolutely fooling yourself. Your life would be worse off. It’s 100000% nothing like in the movies or books.

All that said, vampires are not human. They at a separate race entirely. There are cases where humans and vampire have interbred, and many people have some traces of vampire heritage in them.

If a person has a damaged immune system, it does not make them a vampire, nor does practicing what is called “predatory spirituality” make you a vampire or anything else. No spirit or entity can turn you, because they don’t have the authority to do so, nor can gods or dark lords do so for the same reason.

Your physical body is also very different from your astral body, and nothing aside from a physical being with the ability can turn you, no matter what you may be lead to believe.


Makes sense to me. You have no lying in you. Very rare these days.

Faith is built upon belief and belief is built upon evidence. Measurable, concrete and objective proof as seen by someone else not you.

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