How does one Acquire a Magical Name?

Is it based upon Kabbalah and adding up to a certain desired number? Is a name given by spirits?

How does all this work?

Not a demon - it’s EA’s magickal name. :slight_smile:

Ohhh! Damn that’s a cool ass name.

This is something I’ve been wondering for a while, how does one acquire a magical name? I am editing the OP to reflect this!

I was given mine by spirits - one by the entity I’m in a lifetime pact with, another’s a godname I was given fairly recently (I actually chose it from basic suggestions of syllable to include), but I don’t share either for various reasons.

You need basic clairaudience or a method of getting letters, pendulum over an alphabet board for example, that’s reliable and another different method to verify the name afterwards.

Great, thanks LE that’s perfect, you have answered my question to my absolute satisfaction, and as always your insight is greatly appreciated!

Another option is to choose a name that exemplifies the self you are still becoming. Therefore the use of which becomes a constant prompt and reminder of your manifesting ideal.

Spirit received. I was given one when I signed my name into the Black Man’s book at the Sabbath.

Maybe I’ll try fashioning a make shift ouija board or something, I have ni idea how a pendulum method would work =0

Plenty of instructionals on YouTube under the term “pendulum board” - the people in them may look flaky but the method’s the same for everyone.

If you haven’t used one before it might be worth doing three different readings over 3 days, don’t come to them any with preconceived notions (this is the hardest part of pendulum use on any occasion) - you can view sample pendulum alphabet boards online, again just google it, there are plenty of black & white jpgs you could either print (if your library has that facility) or copy down, here’s an example:

Out of preference I use a steel bolt on the end of a piece of string for a pendulum, I’ve been using a pendulum for many years now and I’ve had crystal ones, a gold-plated one on a slim chain, my grandmother’s wedding ring on a bit of thin ribbon, and the blued steel bolt pendulum I made myself with some natural cotton string has always felt best.

I keep it cleansed and consecrated (bit of sage oil on the string now and again, a fresh bit of string when it gets too grubby) and it feels like a working tool and not something from the new age woo-woo shop. :o)

If you use a pendulum for healing, a crystal on a very slim chain will be better - more sensitive and capable of giving you different readings on the vibrations it picks up, but for y/n stuff and dowsing letters, there’s no need to be elaborate or expensive.

I also had a bracelet with a heavy charm attached near the clasp, that was handy for readings when out and about, sadly I lost that somewhere in the flat and haven’t found it yet.

PS This post and this follow-up have most of what I know about using a pendulum, in case that’s any help. :slight_smile:

I prefer my pendulums to be balls of string with a core made of herbs. I never could get used to crystals. Plants are my thing.