How does making contact work?

So I’ve tried evocation multiple times already and I can feel a presence. I have also evoked a certain spirit multiple times, and I never seem to notice if that spirit is trying to communicate. By this I mean visions, dreams, or synchronicities. Could this be because I am new to all of this? And lack the required skills.


It is possible. A good place to start would be using a pendulum and letter chart to use with it.
Lines are a bit messy because it was a custom one I made but it works and you can easily just google pendulum charts and print a convenient one you like off and the pendulum can be as simple as a ring or key hanging from a string if needed.

Best way to use for communicating with other beings is to clear your mind after you evoke them and imagine your astral arm leaving your physical arm completely vacant as an open vessel and asking the spirit to communicate with the pendulum by guiding your arm hand. Stay completely calm and relaxed and you should notice it starts to swing on its own. There will likely be a small period at first where you don’t get a lot of anything meaningful from it but think of this as the calibration period and after some practice and meditation you should be able to get messages through it rather quickly.


Ah yes I’ve tried using a pendulum before, though I’ve never thought about using a letter chart. Question, so let’s say I use a pendulum to communicate with lucifer, do i need to cleanse it or something when using it for let’s say communicating with Belial?


No, the pendulum is just an instrument and it is more your arm that is being controlled causing normally subconsciously controlled muscles to twitch and guide the pendulum swing. Though if you feel the need to in order to establish the right setting you can make a quick phrase such as “I consecrate you to this working” and visualize an empowering and purifying energy filling the pendulum and state what you will be using it for in that instance and just repeat that for every use. That can help set solidly in your mind the intent that you are going to be working towards as well but it is not strictly necessary.