How does magick work?

I’ve been wondering this for a while. I know I can evoke angels, but why? I know I can summon demons, but why? I know the gods exist, and that Artemis called to me, that the Great Old Ones warp life to it’s core, and that shapeshifting is a cautious art, but why? How are these things working? Why?

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Becourse all things was created from energy magic is manipulating of energies some big core of energy created cores cores created mini cores and all existances are linked to one big core. We communicating using energy we do magic using energy from that big core God is linked to that Big Core you too and you can speak with him using your energy transfer and he or she or it using energy too to communicate with you we are energy based


How does your mind work? Who are you? What are you? What lies, back of, and beyond, YOU?


Is magick an essence that links my mind to yours, my existence to yours, and my history and future to yours? If this is the case, why must we be connected? How is this connection working? And what the hell is it? Why must the planes be separate?

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Magick is like making the material reality perform as easily as you can change things in a daydream, people grade from being able to make the odd thing work as they wished, to that literal lpevel of control.

All is Mind - Kybalion.


Alright, but… why does it work?

Oh for fuck’s sakel, it works because my auntie Edna comes and makes everything comply - sex spell? She slops a roofie in your date’s drink, and hyponotises them to love you. Death spell? She does the same with poison…


Why does it work? When ALL IS MIND?! Why not? lol!!!

Keep asking questions and not doing the work, that’ll go great for you!


Lol alright
That works, I guess

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You know, I’m a really logical guy. And I used to be stuck in my head a lot. I wanted to understand how magick worked and I was given several models that helped me understand what I needed to take the next step at the time.

But the models are just that. They are NOT “THE THING” itself. And I don’t believe our human mind can really understand the mechanisms.

I believe your unconscious mind is your connection to the Void, the Abyss, the Womb of All Creation.

I view the unconscious mind as a black box that can be programmed by Intention through our Will using symbolism. I don’t understand how it works, but I know if I use certain techniques to put the correct things in it and then let it take over, my magick works.

The quicker you can get to the point where you don’t have to understand the “HOW”, the quicker you’ll start to flow and your magick will flourish.

Eva is right. Magick is reality manipulation and it can be as simple as making a firm decision and knowing the truth of it. I’ve experienced it and I literally felt things shift in that one moment. And they came to pass in this physical world.

I just can’t get back to that state consciously yet.


I can see myself getting along with Auntie Edna already :smile:


Read the Kybalion. Maybe it would answer some questions. Then go binge EA’s YouTube channel.


I would also recommend reading the Book of Azazel, and sifting through all the really dense information there.

I received, attained, and understood answers to questions very similar to the ones you have posted as I studied under Azazel. Like Valkarath said- this is only one of many viewpoints for “how it works” but it has nevertheless empowered my ability to change the physical world through magick.


Overly Simplified:

When you evoke anything, you bring it into observation.

I am evoking (or creating) all of existence constantly at a deep, subconscious level. Im doing it, but I do not have control over it. Im essentially already the creator of everything, but now I seek to develop conscious control over that power. Thus I use spellcraft, magicks, evocation to change observed reality and gain greater control over the power I already possess. As I use my power more I get better at using it, and eventually I become all powerful.

Applied, this magickal model essentially drives me to use magick in all aspects of my life, to love using it to change the world. I never have justification to complain about anything ever- rather I do something about it!

Hail Azazel!


A full scientific explanation would take pages to cover and I find it much easier to simply give you the clues and let you reach the answer through discovery. Because unfortunately no one can be told what the matrix is, you have to see it for yourself.

Plato’s allegory of the cave.
Schrodinger’s cat experiment.
Bell’s theorem.
The double slit experiment and the observer effect.
Turing’s morphogenesis.
The Placebo effect.
Retro causality.
George Cantor’s philosophy of infinity.
Lorenz attractor and the Butterfly effect.
The Fibonacci sequence and the Mandelbrot set.

This is the real scientific explanation for why magick works.



Nobody really knows and it burns people’s asses. Million ideas, no absolutes.

It works because this existence we call our lives is so damn peculiar, there are just too many synchronicities in life on this planet. Do you think about the sun, solar system, galaxy, nebula, universe some time? Does it ever weigh on you how insane it all is?

It works because the mind has been proven to affect reality, to small extents of course in various labs

The only decent beacon we have right now is Hermeticism as mentioned.


One has to awaken first in order to grasp what the natural is.