How does Lucifer appear to you?

I usually see a black silhouette of a man. He has a black fedora over top a nice black tux type of suit covered with a long black coat. He wears these classy boots. His skin usually appears as a pale white kind of albino or rigor mortis white. He sometimes wears a spectacle and at times holds a golden chalice. He does have piercing infra beam red glowing eyes. He shape shifts into my environment sometimes moving physical on jects in my environment nothing extreme. Just to prove he’s objectively there. I’ll be honest he kind of creeps me out at times though at times he seems very serious in demeanor and at times a bit playful and humorous. Is this the real deal? Or what kind of entity is this?


Either a lean, silver-haired man of indeterminate age, neither plain nor handsome.

Or alternatively, as Aaravos :confused:

There’s many threads on this already.

However, for me similar to Veil image just more of a peach skin tone and dark draconic scales going up his arms and lots of markings on his body

A human looking form made entirely of brilliant light but with with clear defined sharp (almost aggressive/oppressive) edges. Usually holding what I can only describe as a lantern that shines darkness instead of light. It’s pretty difficult to describe.

with a cape too yes?

Lucifer showed me one of his more natural forms, a black cape, little horns, a trident as a weapon

No cape no, but clothes are changeable so.

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oh ok

A lot like how Michael is described but with less wings.

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makes sense tbh, theyre friends

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I saw a dark muscled silhuette of a man as well. He was not fond of the boyfriend I had back then so everytime I was talking about him with my bestie he would show up and start banging doors

We already have a thread like this for Lucifer, and one for how different entities appear to different people in general…?

Either way, never met him in “spirit” lol, can’t say in person lol. However whenever I think of Lucifer… The image of the Lucifer character from that Netflix TV show always comes to mind… Which is funny cause I don’t even like that show, and it’s probably caused me a biased opinion against him, even though it’s just a show and NOT him.

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A beautiful young angel dressed in navy blue, golden hair, blue eyes.

Others have been a cherub like baby, like described in some grimoires.

And one of his darkest forms, my first supernatural experience he was dressed in a black robe, couldn’t see his face or anything… looked like a Nazgul or the grim reaper.

similar to me

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I don’t know. But I wish I knew how to see him :frowning: