How does evocation work on a subtle level?

I study the occult everyday for years read every book i can find even all of Koetting’s books. I still cant figure out how does evocation actually work and why I cant see or hear spirits anymore.

Its like 99% of people I know never even consider or question why there here or what happens after death they just live day by day without a care.
What do you think is the real reason the average person doesn’t see spirits …calcification?

Btw can anyone please help me figure out this experience I had with my thoughts informing me on salvia divinorum im going to hell. Thank You.

In order to see or hear spirits, you should enter into the Theta-Gamma Sync.

In regards to your experience with Salvia, I suggest that you use divination of some sort to find out more about how to approach this information.

Yes I figured out the Theta-Gamma Sync on my own the first time i seen a spirit when I was 19 at the time by accident with no knowledge of the occult. Now with all this knowledge and actually trying and practicing its kinda like the theta gamma sync/my trance states are being blocked somehow.

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So let’s get a timeline to try and troubleshoot this - there was a time when you saw spirits, what can you share about that, first?

Secondly, you can no longer see spirits - do you still gfet contacts in dreams, symbols, coincidences, or is it like a lead shutter coming down?

And finally (for now) what was the last successful evocation you performed - anything you can share will be helpful, including the purpose (we won’t judge you), spirit called, and whgat you method was on that occasion?

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