How does Archangel Azrael look like when he manifested to you, most natural look?

Please share if you want

He doesn’t manifest to me instead I’ve gone to his realm, my view on Azrael is that he’s not an angel but simply chose to be with the Judeo/Yahweh pantheon.

When I went to his team I saw this very large almost Titan sized being shrouded in death energy, he looks similar to a cliche representation of Hades, old-ish tired, no wings (at the time) sometimes with 6 wings, cloaked, long black hair, and he had a bunch of reapers with him some reapers were the actual grim reapers, some reapers were human, some were angels and some were demons and majority were oneiori.

I asked him why he has it like such and he mentioned that there’s reapers who are created as such and there’s people who become one as a means of a job/path, similar to psychopomp work of a shaman or druid.


Thats interesting, thanks.

black feathers?

In my inner mind he looks like a dark hooded figure who holds a skull with a candle in one hand and a book in his left hand. He also has a “middle” arm which wields a feather and is constantly writing. His robe carries the symbols of Pluto and Neptune. Just called him into my inner vision so I did not work with him or anything.

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Sometimes black feathers, sometimes tendril-like death energy.

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Thanks, this confirms some stuff

I see, thanks.

Always keep in mind that your subconscious translates the spirits energies so it is accessible to you, thats why spirits appear differently to different people :slight_smile:

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I actually go unbiased for that very reason


That’s also why I prefer to project to them then to evoke them. On their plane where it’s their physical is different from them coming here and being solely in your mind’s eye.

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Never worked with Him , I worked with other Archangels , and it’s ALWAYS in white robes and their usual characteristic widely accepted appearances

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