How does Amducias do mind control?

I have a very important appointment coming up and need some help getting this person to do what I want ( it’s 2 things, but I’m not asking for much ). The first listed power of Amducius is his ability to cause somebody to bend to your will. How does he do this? Thru the spoken word, like King Paimon, or just getting in their head and making them do it, like Orias? Orias, who I have a good relationship with, was tasked with this more than a year ago, plenty of time for him to do this, and yet it has not been done ( I admit that lusting for results on my part may be stifling my desired results ). My target seems to be a hard target. I very rarely get an appointment with this person, and the needs are urgent, so anyone that knows how Amducius bends others to your will would be appreciated. I will be using DoM for this

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I evoked Amducias about a week ago. Boy, that is a strong spirit. I asked him the same thing you asked. How to do you bend others wills.

He said I can make them bend gently with a breath and knock them down with a gale. So I think this power or ability is related to the spirit whispering thoughts into the ears and mind of the target to make the target believe it was thier own idea. That’s what I got out of the meet and greet with him.

Hope that helps


@anon25000386 Yeah, I decoded that metaphor in the Goetia about the trees being people fairly quickly, many years ago. So, in your experience, would it work to simply evoke Amducius at some point before my appointment ( my appointment isn’t until Aug 4th, 2021 ), and make my statement of intent as “name of target emphasized text is bent to my will”. Then, as I sum up the situation, tell Amducius what I want my target to do ( which is 2 simple things which should be well within the scope of Amducias’s powers? Would/should it already be done or underway and my target already decided to do it by the time of my appointment ( I know you can’t rush them ) without me having to say anything to him about it? I tried employing Orias, who I have a good relationship with and whose powers are exactly meant for my desired results, but a year + later is plenty of time for Orias to have done this and the situation has grown in it’s degree of desperation/need.

I was also thinking of also calling on Orias, Dantalion, Seer, and King Paimon for this, to the same end. Using DoM, is this advisable in your opinion? Or would it be better to just evoke Amducius, make the statement of intent as the target being bent to my will, then telling Amducius what I want my target to do? I don’t want any spirit to think I don’t trust it to do the job or stepping on each other’s toes, I just thought maybe the mentioned spirits would work together, combining their powers. Thanks


Yes I absolutely think a coherent layered working would be very effective in the situation you described. Also yes I’d evoke Amducias at some point before the appointment and tell him exactly who is getting bent to your will and how so. Amducias is extremely strong in my experience and not a faint hearted spirit. I have every confidence he will perform exactly as advertised.

It could be that the situation was so multifaceted that Orias actually needs additional resources to complete the project so I think your multi spirit layered approach would probably turn the tide I. Your favor. If you have any other questions you think I can help with or shed light on don’t hesitate to pm if you want.


@anon25000386 Thank you very much for your helpful information and advice. I didn’t want any of the spirits to be offended that I called on others for the same results, but since my petition/task falls under the dominion of all of the spirits I mentioned, I think you are right and they will help each other to make my desires reality. I also think you are right about Orias needing the help of these other spirits because part of it does require multiple things to fall into place just right. Since Amducius can bend and even break entirely the will of others to the bidding of the occultist petitioning him, I believe he can accomplish this, especially with a multiple spirit approach. Every Goetic I have evoked and worked with “feels” different when they show up, but they always feel friendly, so I couldn’t figure out why Orias hadn’t done this. Goetic demons always seem happy to help. It is rather frustrating only being a clairsentient and only being able to communicate via feelings. The way it seems they communicate with me is that an increase in the feeling of their presence, so that it feels stronger, is what I take as a “yes”. Thanks again, bro :slight_smile:

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