How does a person with no will or power effectively bind others?

Tried one method, will try vovins freezer spell. But if you have zero will emotion or power, how can it be done beyond a shadow of a doubt?


A binding is generally dependent on the target’s willpower. The stronger the target, the less likely the binding will be effective.

What are you trying to so?


Establish baseline approvable social behavior toward me for one thing, while staying humble.

So binding university bodies, fraternities, sororities are difficult due to strong will.
Yeah, that explains today.

Well, if you’re trying to bind organizations, then you would have multiple wills to contend with. In that case, I think influencing would be better than binding.


Well, I can’t exactly afford to move out of state, so will try influencing. That will be a miracle
Thanks @DarkestKnight

Okay … change of thought and strategy.
If you cannot beat them, join them.

How do you bind aspects of yourself that make others go into attack mode on you?

Koetting has/had an article on this very thing.

You write out a list of your flaws, and negative qualities you wish to change, etc.
(This is rather a bit similar to what Franz bardon says to do in taking inventory of yourself for a journal)

Then you draw a pentagram (or another symbol that’s meaningful to you) with the intention of banishing these, burn the paper, etc.

Now, for balance you’ll want to do the opposite with a list of your positive qualities you wish to enhance/accentuate and/or acquire, etc.

There should be a page on the main site for this…I don’t feel like hunting it down. (Lol)


Right on, it makes sense, I knew a RHP practitioner who could do the same thing with cabalistic magic.
I will try this, this is perfect. Now for my notebook of flaws…

Yes @crookedpathfinder is right on here. That technique or a variation of it was called the magic mirror by Bardon. I think it was step 4 or 5 I can’t recall.

I hope it helps you @Nightside


Cool, thank you all :slight_smile:

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Off to google search comprehensive list of weaknesses and strengths

So … vices/weaknesses to virtues/strengths. My therapy project for the month.
One each day, and try to retain the preceding.

Here is an interesting read:

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Absolutely do what has been suggested, which are ways to build a future for that long term.

I would consider a servitor or something similar to add an additional layer to that. Instruct it to take a little energy from neutral and positive interactions and the task of creating those. Bind it to something you carry and let it roam around within X feet of you to help get a greater number of beneficial interactions.


Gotcha, will look it up. I think I have a few books by Bardon, Initiation into Hermetics and some other one. I will check them out or look up the Magic Mirror.
Thanks @Mike_Bee and @crookedpathfinder


An excellent idea :slight_smile:


Should be in that one.


Sounds like you could do with a power pathworking. Something like Goetia or Enochian Universal Magick would do the trick.

For you in particular (not picking on you) I would suggest Goetia, which you have said you were thinking about getting into. These demons can do many things for you, including addressing situations like this.

There once was a time when I desperately wanted to be seen favorably by a group of my colleagues, who frankly were kinda just total shitbags, at least to me. Fuck me for pushing myself and throwing myself into the deep end, I guess. I realized in the course of working with these demons that such people were not worth giving the light of my time and attention. We could have all gotten along splendidly, but instead they all hated me cause they were much more skilled than I at something, and instead of just flexing on me all the time (which I would have appreciated cause I was there to learn) they gave me the cold shoulder. It was all probably my fault, though, to an extent, because I did not radiate an aura of calm power, which tends to help in many situations.

Radiating power can cause some “backlash,” but this is usually better than the alternative. Just because you know what you can and would be willing to do doesn’t mean that you have to or will do it, and cowering in fear will only make others afraid or see you as a weak opportunity. Arrogance is not what this is, nor is it being brash. It is resting in magickal energy.

If you are going up against a group, it is apparently well-known within occultism that a good approach is to target the entire group, either with an official name or one you give to them, and then to target key individuals within that group, such as those in positions of power or those who are particularly problematic for some reason or another. I usually suggest doing the more general rituals first, but be guided by magick, not me.

It sounds like you are very ready to assume that you are the problem. Everyone has flaws, but obsessing over this is ridiculous. A power that I value quite highly is to find balance between self-esteem and ego. If you are secure in yourself, ego does not manifest in toxic ways, but if you have no ego, then you allow yourself to be a doormat, a state not conducive to feeling good about yourself, and if you hate yourself you will be like one of those people who always act out of overt, blatant malice, or who always try and guilt everyone into doing what they want. I think there is still malice here, but these ones usually give off more weakness than malice, and most absolutely not aggression, LMAO.

This is not advice, just go smash something. You ever destroy and wreak chaos with magick? Doesn’t seem like it.

Bind them, influence them, curse them, freeze them, burn them, create a link between them and some meat and feed them to the dogs, whatever dude. There really is something to the cliche, eye-rolly cringey phrase “weak men create hard times.” Call someone out for being toxic aggro and people sympathize, call someone out for toxic weakness and now you’re the bad guy. Wah, boohoo. Your tears cannot manipulate me.


That sucks about the coworkers, I can relate. An aura of calm power, that sounds refreshing to me.
Yeah. Being a lifelong doormat is no fun, I can attest to this.
I appreciate your words @shinri … maybe this is where I will work with Kali or Shiva.
Yeah, hating yourself is no fun either, I can attest to this as well.

Thank you Shinri, no tears from me at the moment, that was yesterday. I will look at another kindle book I grabbed, Goetic Pathworkings. Also have Lucifer and the Hdden Demons and eight other books.

In addition to the two fraternities, which only one of the two Im aware of were actively assholes against me, I bound those - however it seems the issues only escalated, or perhaps its the new year of 20 something shitbags in my town.

Yeah, maybe you were right on my last freakout (or one of my past freakouts), perhaps I just need to accept the fact I might get eaten or whatnot to dare to evoke to full manifestation and have a friggin chat (minus the Clair crap issues that go extremely slow in improving).