How does a chaos magician do evokations?

Obviously, their way will differ, but how do you guys do it?
-I read Evoking Eternity, and it wasn’t quite what i was expecting.

The guys of you who identify themself as “chaos magician”, “chaos witch” or whatever,
please tell me how you do it. :wink: Thanks.

I identify as a chaote, well sometimes. Really, I like chaos theory. I just create a Summoning rite. For example, I’ll make one for Lilith, just for everyone else.
Candles: preferably red and black
Incense: dragon’s blood does ok
Recite: “I call out to and from spaces in between. I call out to the void. Lilith… Come to me. Come from your velvet blackness in the void. She who is the destroyer of tyrants, come forth! Aid me in my evolution and transmutation! Give to me, the forbidden gnosis of the void! Lady of sitri ahra, come forth! Goddess of vampires, come forth! She who liberates man, come forth! LILITH, COME TO ME, DESCEND FROM THE VOID, BLESS ME WITH YOUR PRESENCE!”


I guess I’m technically a Chaos Magician. My evocations are very simple. I intone the name of the spirit I’m trying to evoke until the entity shows up.


Me too. In that I use entities from various traditions and that I’m minimalistic in terms of ritual and tools. Just incense, candle and sigil. The rest is just visualization and chanting.


These days I like to do whatever gets the results with the smallest rituals. I’ll typically have my black mirror, a candle off to the side so I can see the sigil and that’s it. I don’t feel the need for long, drawn out rituals with special incense mixed with 20 herbs and all these impossible to find items like i used to be really I to.


Throw everything you’ve fucking got at it! Deliver with passion and conviction. You should sweat! I don’t exert myself physically, but the sweat is my sign of success. What ashtkerr and cyberseeker stated works for me too. I don’t need to slaughter animals as there’s heaps of energy around to be harvested. And a lot more soon to come. My word! Otherwise blood or semen, depending on the operation.

I find caffeine tablets and pot brewed tea or stove top espresso very good to get you up to speed.



My old man’s a hardcore chaos mage who thinks ALL spirits are masks of the mass shared subconscious, so he reads about them, studies any art or sigils, and then shifts his mindset into theirs and attunes with the “current,” and projects the energy forth.

Sometimes into me if we’re working together, sometimes into a corner, he’s good with getting information using both, for bigger changes we get best results working together on something we both want, but he doesn’t do magick that often compared to me.

Those are not the only methods he uses, but they’re ones he’s cool with me posting, and i didn;t see anything like thid described in the thread so far. :slight_smile:


#that shit is brilliant :hugging:

A kindred spirit.


Whenever I try a normal evocation, I just get into the zone and the spirit is already there.


I like to use a pre-charged chaos sigil during evocations when I want something physical to come to me, but only as an amplification of my will. Other kinds I use a system more like you find in Evoking Eternity. I love that book, btw. It was one of the first examples of “system streamline” I was exposed to, and was helpful in steering me away from some of the more limiting factors in the OGD methods I had had limited results with up to that point.

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Isn’t this the same as working with spirits ? I thought chaos magic was completely different from working with spirits ?

Same here . And with almost all of the other replies .


I’m a chaos magician. I evoke by getting in my Universal Circle if I’m indoors, and I draw a circle with cornmeal, salt, or stones if outdoors. I light candles and copal resin incense. I call the Gatekeepers to the cardinal directions while doing the banishing pentagram with my dagger. I do some meditation, pranayama, and chanting to get myself into trance. I activate the sigil, photo, or idol. I call the spirit’s name and trance out till the spirit comes. I present an offering, and I drink a glass of red wine in honor of the spirit. Then I ask what I need to ask, say what I need to say, and then dismiss the spirit.


But what is the difference between chaos magic and just calling a spirit ?

There is no difference to me. Chaos magick is about doing whatever works for you, the way I understand it.


Not really.

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So what’s the difference ?

In the Chaos Magick paradigm, belief is a tool to get results. It is known for evoking popular culture characters as masks for cosmic forces. You want to evoke a warrior goddess? Try Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You want a god of Chaos? Warhammer 40000 has you covered. Belief shifting is a big part of CM. If you can invest enough belief in what you’re doing, you can evoke using sugar packets and a spoon.

They tend to eschew traditional methods, like the Golden Dawn ceremonial stuff, but, then again, some Chaos magicians do. A popular Chaos banishing I read about amounted to, “fuck off, you gits!”

They are the ones that popularized the Spare method of sigilization using your subconscious.

There is no difference, @TheRookie. It’s all in the mindset and belief system utilized.


Ohhh I thought it was different .