How do you write a soul dedication pact?

How should I exactly write a soul dedication pact ? and how exactly is the whole process of soul dedication ?

If possible please type an example for me

Doesn’t anybody know ?

The best advice would be to do that in the way you feel you should do that. There it’s not a formal way into doing that. Btw, when it comes about a soul dedication pact or something similar to that you must know for sure that you want that, because some things might turn against you and you don’t want that. (the entity will stick with you for the rest of your life and may continue to be around you in the next incarnations )


It’s magick, you can do whatever you want, it doesn’t have limits, there are no proper ways in doing something which it’s in regards about that, some techniques will seem to work just for me, some techniques will seem to work just for you.


I’m 100% sure that I want it

The problem is that I have no idea how I’m supposed to do it

Who or what are you dedicating your soul to?

Just write it up the same way you would write any other pact, have the demon or whoever sign it, then you sign it and bind it with your blood.


I’m almost sure you know or will find out later how to do that. But, believe me, when it comes about something that has that high level of seriosity, you should personalize it and write it in your own way, not with the words of others.


What? I never saw a demon signing a pact or leaving some sort of personal mark on it.


Usually they leave their astral signature.

Have you read The Book of Azazel? That is what Azazel did.


Wait, actually just one time it actually happened to receive the signature from an entity. I received the signature of Lucifer on my body, on my right hand (or I think it was my felt hand). Yes, I read it but a long time ago, because of that book that koetting wrote I made my first contact with an enity (Azazel) when I was 11.

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I just need to have an idea what is supposed to be said exactly

You need to write whatever you feel that you should write! It’s something personal!!! No one could tell you what to write and what to not.


Without any sort of mark or signature, then there is nothing binding the spirit to the contract.

If you have a copy of the Book of Azazel, just use EA’s pact described in there as a template.


Is it derailing if I ask what the benefits and drawbacks are to this type of pact? If so I’ll just make a new thread.

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Story time, boys and grils. (it’s intentional so don’t try to correct me!) The posts made there made me remember that once I signed a pact in one of my dreams. Before I fell asleep I wanted to make a dedication pact in which I dedicate my soul/life to Lucifer and I even stated that loud and I was really determined to do that. In the dream there it was a parchment and at the left and the right of that parchment there were 2 fires. And there it was a blank space destined for me to sign and I was obeyed to do that. After I signed that, immediately I got consumed/lost in darkness, darkness ate me, immediately after I got lost/consumed/eaten by darkness the dream ended. And yeah, after that my experiences in magick started to appear more and more frequently.