How do you view Hell

How do you view Hell. I mean I watched one of E.A Koetting’s videos No, I will not sell your soul. And he said that selling your soul will damn you to hell. And anything Damn has to do with something not good.
The dictionary’s definition of hell doesn’t look good at all. And the way those Abrahamic religions view hell isn’t good either. The Demons prefer that magicians use blood(so i heard), that shows that they don’t pity humans. Even magicians and people draw and depict hell as a hot place with fire and brimstones and dark as well. And anything hot and dark isn’t good. Even an e-mail from Kurtis Joseph said See you in Hell
So i want to know if black magicians also view hell as a place of torment, or if it’s only Theistic Satanists or it includes Luciferians and Wiccans as well.

So i will like to know your views on this.



hell dosnt exist


@raziel_harvester I’ve been there too many times to deny it exists.


@Lord_Raven Well, if we maintain that it is our goal to become a Demon, then the entire perspective on Hell changes. Whatever the case, the Demons who run Hell aren’t tormenting themselves. There’s absolutely no reason for them to torment you either. It’s just not how things work. You work for them. They are not going to betray you afterwards for no reason.


Everything does and does not exist. Reality is subjective. You’re right. But you’re also wrong.


i think hell me a state of mind perhaps nothing mire but if you thinking real hell no please search videos on renicarnation and many people who soul travel ir astral travel will say there is no hell but im pretty interested what storm has to tell but i been there when i was in high scool in dreamthat day i wuit smoking saw lucifer and that but also may be one of lower astral realms ofcourse

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@Ravenxoxo I refer to the place where Demons live.

@raziel_harvester It’s pointless to speculate. Travel there yourself and see.

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This is also correct.[quote=“raziel_harvester, post:6, topic:20147”]
you thinking real hell no

Your own perception

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When a Christian dies, he/she risks the Hell of this religion; but, I believe, simply according to the Bardo i.e. if I recognize hell itself, God etc. as my emanations, I’m “safe”. The Christian hell, eternal, has all the types of pain: hot, cold, hunger…
There are also Buddhism’s hells, all different (for example one is only cold and another only hot), which lasts many centuries.

i rather think we choose were we go after we die

What if…

Hell is right here:

If we use the word “Hell” as a negative noun of the experience of life, or at least see the theological reasoning behind it, our own planet sure represent it as a part of simply being human.

We are born as the most innocent little creatures, right?

Unbeknows of what becomes when growing up. But the older we get, the more we learn of the good and bad of life.

Maybe we find love one day:

…or get our heart broken:

Finding our first job and prosper financially:

Losing our job:

Getting depressed and feeling alone:

I firmly believe that if “Hell” exist, we’re living in it on planet Earth. It represent the tougher part of life, rather than the dogmatic punishment of Abrahamic religions.


You are right :+1:


Maybe every religion will go to where they believe


Did he really say that? I’m disappointed if he did.

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True. If you believe hell exists in the correct fashion then you are probably creating that exact place for yourself. The only consistent truth I have ever heard regarding hell is that it is different for everyone, which would support the above claim.


So you wanted him to hide the truth :unamused:

No. I’m disappointed that he would say such nonsense.