How do you view food/drink offerings?

Hi, what is your opinion on such offerings? I see a divide there in the occult community, some practice it, some think it’s a waste.


I used to think it was a total waste and I wasn’t going to make offerings. Then I decided to work with Belial. I went ahead with it because people were doing it and having good results. I had some interesting insights after doing that practice.


A gift for a gift.

You have to give to receive.

It’s just good manners.


As a santera, palera and a spiritist-- giving offerings of food or flowers or drink has been paramount for me in these practices. Because of that background, it was natural to do that for King Paimon when I first evoked Him (and it was very well received.)
I totally agree with JezebelleMoon and what she said.


Makes sense, I thought so too first, but reading Theodore Rose “Lucifer and Hidden Demons” book made me decide to work without, yet every now and then I get the sense to leave something like a slice of Pizza or whatever I am eating and drinking at the moment.

How do you go about the offering and find out what kind of offerings the demon likes? I usually let the food or beaverage for a few hours and then dispose of it.

With spirits of the dead and Orishas the food offerings generally are left for them to consume, on occasion it may be allowed for one to share some of it.
With King Paimon I’m finding that He likes for me to enjoy the offerings with Him.
When you get the urge to share something of what you’re eating or drinking, to me that sounds like something for Orisha Eleggua or for Egun (ancestral spirits of the dead).

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I generally don’t offer food and drink but when I have my own place I will. I used to leave offerings in my back yard but thought it’s disrespectful.

I now offer poetry to Spirits I work closely with and an Article on my future website for Spirits I work with in the Short term. I also include their names and symbols in my songs.