How do you use these

How do you use tioest weather hand seals

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This depends on how you wish to use them. So how do you intend to use them? In rituals? As independent gestures to call powers outside of ritual? Lots of ways you can adapt them to use, some traditional, others not so much but can be very powerful either way.

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Outside ritual and in ritual I got told by land spirits to do weather magic

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Alright so in ritual they are used similar to other symbols you might use. Like take the LBRP for example where you trace the pentagrams or if you trace a pentagram to evoke a specific element. So let’s say you use one of the two handed Bagua seals for the I-Ching you would train meditating on the force it corresponds to until it is firmly drilled into your mind the meaning of the sign and an understanding of the element. Next you would evoke the element into the hand seal and channel your own energy through it and you do this adds strengthen it until it becomes an automatic reflex to call the power when you make the seal. Similar to how NLP uses anchors for mental states you just use it for energy with the seals being the anchor.