How do you use an Angel to bind a Demon?

I hear that the Angels of the Psalms ie the Schemhamephorasch can bind Demons. If so, do you use a shewstone to invoke/skry the Angel first or do you just invoke them like in the Kabbalsitic system of invocation/evocation?

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It depends on system that you use for your ritual but Gordon winterfield and Henry Archer use a main angel and three attending angels to guide the corresponding demon


yes i think that they use a shewstone to view the Angel.

You invoke the angels really strongly and tell them to bring forward the demon [name], and for them to be compliant, appear modestly, and speak clearly. It is basically the standard Hermetic Qabalist procedure. Perform the LBRP, the Middle Pillar, invoke the angel, then call the demon into an external object like a mirror.


Yes I have done such Hermetic Quabalstic evocations, 2 or 3 of them I think.

When i first discovered The Goetia via E.A.Koetting youtube lectures i thought it was a different system where we just call Demons from Hell. Personally though I always did some sort of prayer beforehand.

Is it common practice to do some sort of Angel-linking before summoning Goetic Demons or do a lot of folk not bother? .

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A lot of people on this forum practice the religion of demonolatry in which involving angels to constrain, guide, or otherwise be involved in any way, is seen as offensive to the “demonic divine.”

As mentioned above, it depends a lot on the particular system one practices. Involving angels is very common in traditional ceremonial magick, for example, but less so in more modern, demon friendly systems.

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I get it.

Solomon himself knew that God (his Great Architect) lovingly made civil, well-behaved open Angels but also lovingly made the sneaky, irritating, reprobate Demons. It’s Solomon-ic magic, there’s no judgement, both Angels and Demons have their rightful place in God’s creation. That is ,they all muck in to build Solomon’s Temple as it were.

Solomon, as it were, would never have said that e.g. Lucifer etc was “his mentor” but instead would’ve viewed Lucifer and the rest of the 72 rebel-criminal angels (Demons) as being his (Solomon’s ) slaves or pets. You train a pet, you’re it’s master, you punish it when it shits on the carpet and warn it not to do it again. you keep it in line but you love it, it’s your servant…but it’s still a wild beast. To do these tasks then you need Angelic support and backup from on high.

You don’t give the Demon anything that it doesn’t deserve, you don’t do deals with it. You’re the boss i.e… you’re the human so that makes you part-Angel. The Angels are above you and any Demon is below you, a pathetic denizen of God’s Hellish prison-camp, a loser,an unredeemed reprobate…but a powerful and useful unredeemed reprobate. It’s your job as human then to reform it, it should only speak when it’s spoken to. This apparently is the Solomonic view.

Explained better here ; Lon Milo DuQuette - Seven Questions about Goetic Evocation - YouTube and especially here;

Lon Milo DuQuette - When You Evoke A Spirit (YOU Ask The Questions, and Give the Orders) (

I like Rufus Opus’ view, as explicated in his Modern Goetic Grimoire, better than the traditional Solomonic one. He doesn’t see demons as some pathetic prisoners of Hell, but rather as chthonic spirits of the Earth. Man’s place is between the celestial realms above and the underworld realms below.

In that book, the magician must first pass through the celestial gates and be initiated by the angels before calling upon the Goetic spirits. The rather complex magic circle the magician stands in is a pictorial representation of his place in the hierarchy.


It’s difficult not to sound judgemental, “pathetic reprobates of Hell” yes but once redeemed (by a magician) they become powerful and hard working slave-pets (good workers in Solomon’s Temple).

What about the folk who evoke Demons but don’t use binding Angels? They’re more likely to be , (how I can put this diplomatically), be unbalanced or “fall off the rails” in some way?

Yes, they can fall off the rails, but then so too can those who only deal with the angelic. Magick itself is a destabilizing force and can send people into psychosis. It all depends on how well a magician can integrate what they experience.

For sure, check out all of the too-good-to-be-true ‘New Age’ Angel wackos out there.

Maybe a better perspective of it is that there’s less likely to be unbalance if a magician uses both Angels and Demons. That makes sense as in Solomic Magic, Solomon’s Temple is a temple, it doesn’t fall down because it has stable pillars. Demons build it. Angels hire them to do so .

Consider the 6 rayed Star of Solomon. It points up to Heaven but it also points down to Hell.

wow, that’s wild…
it’s just something like this ‘let angels do the dirty works…’ ?

No, you and the Angels do the work. .In fact, your Higher Self is an Angel.

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Amazingly, this click with me

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Actually i disagree, i don’t think you can go wrong with Angels, that’s what they are there for, to sort humans out . It’s how you do it.

You’re welcome to disagree but I’ve seen it happen so I know angels are not as “safe” as people like to believe. They are some of the most powerful entities in the universe, and their power can fuck you up if you don’t know what you’re doing. Why do you think they are called upon to constrain demons in the first place?

Could you elaborate on the “don’t know what is doing” bit? Who and how? That is, how would someone make errors in working with Angels? When you’re a beginner, you have to fuck up in order to learn from real experience. That’s how people learn to e.g. ride a bike.

This guy explains it better ; Lon Milo DuQuette - Magical Masonry - 7 Secrets of Solomon (Conclusion) (

Angels are, by their nature, balancing. Thats pretty much their deal. They are the idealized embodiment of the virtues of their sphere. Dealing with Raphael would definitely do better for stability and balance than an overload of qliphothic energies. Infernals are primal by nature and too much of it can inevitably destabilizes the mind.

Magicians have gone insane from delving too deeply into angelic realms, but that’s because our minds arent suited for those superfolding dimensions, not because of their energy.

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By the way this is a more precise Hermetic Qabalist evocation procedure

A Ceremony for the Evocation of Bartzabel, the Spirit of Mars (

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