How do you tune your psychic ability

I’m asking for a friend of mine who has always had a connection to spirits since very young but she doesn’t know how to turn off the noise sota speak. She can connect easily to other side but she gets overwhelmed with all the chatter and doesn’t know how to focus her thoughts on just one spirit, is there something she can do to focus herself so she isint scared to use her gift but embrace it. She is a little lost I guess could say on how to tune her gift.


Tell her to start practicing one pointed meditation.

It will teach her to learn to completely focus her awareness on one thing to the exclusion of everything else around her. From your description, it seems your friend’s problem isn’t with her “psychic abilities,” it’s with her mind’s focus and concentration, and one pointed meditation will help.


Thank you very much, and yes your right about the concentration part, i told her to try meditation and she told me she has hard time keeping concentrated long enough. I will def tell her to try this technique. She has some lost loved ones she wants to be able to communicate with but when she trys it’s like she is overwhelmed with all kinds of spirits at once as she describes it.
Thanks again, really appreciate all your help and input you’ve given me since being here.:pray::pray:

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