How do you think the Norse gods would appear today or how have they come across you?


That’s why I enjoy the LHP. It’s about moving forward, at least more so than anything else I’ve seen.


well surtr keeps burning my shit with actual fire but its cool i’m gonna learn some kinda lesson and probably have to fite him or something


Odin is alive, here and now. He hijacked Christianity and became Santa Claus. Seriously.


Odin and others appear to me as people that I see. Being in forms of people I like or don’t like. Other times Odin and others appear as animals. From other layers of existence I believe they can appear in traditional or non-traditional forms. Just like Chameleons can change their coloration at wil and different species of Octopus can change their colors, so can Odin appearing in all kinds of different ways. Freya can appear like different female pornstars.


Loki usually appears in my mind, dreams, or astral as having red hair to me, but he is a master shapeshifter so I am sure Loki can appear in all kinds of ways. Loki likes to cook sometimes.


Is it weird that Odin manifested himself as Big Boss from Metal gear solid? 0.o


Freyja always appears to me with red hair

Hell, I even have a drawing from when I first made contact with her


Great drawing, are you a pro cartoonist/graphic designer? I mean can we download this or is it all copyright (which is cool). :+1:


I do art as a hobby, I consider this something you can download if you credit the source as well! I wish I was a pro caroonist/graphic designer though. I do media studies so I guess technically that is graphic desighn. Either way thanks for the compliment on my art!