How do you think the Norse gods would appear today or how have they come across you?

Its my opinion (Just my opinion), that Odin was a lover of legends. He seems to both create the heroes’ obstacles and patron of heroes. He also seems to hold a particular favor towards language and poetry, which was used to tell stories. Also, he is a god of magic, and I’ve tended to think that magic draws from the creative process as literature. So above all, Odin could be a representative of the right hemisphere of the brain.

Today, I’d think Odin would expand his interests to all forms of media within the fantasy genre. Anything that can be used to tell stories of heroism, Odin would enjoy. I believe he’d have an affinity for games in particular, like mtg or dnd, where not only can stories be told but players can interact with the story.

Odin was a ruler, but he was also a breaker of social norms. I’d believe he wouldn’t enjoy traditionalists among modern day heathens. He’d much rather seek new and innovative traditions, practices, and avenues for magick. He may ask to be followed outside the Norse pantheon as simply a god of magic, creativity, and story telling. He’d come in the form of a jovial old man, perhaps working in a game store or comic shop. He’d encourage the innovative spirit of who ever he comes across, perhaps even to rebel a bit from whatever stifles their creativity.


Well I think you’re on to something here. I do feel that Traditional ways are not generally a thing I like nor cling to. I am open to it as you state, there needs to be more than tradition. Innovations are not evil, as some would have you believe. Food for thoughts , definitely for me, as I’m an artist and being in a creative state is very desirable.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this! :joy: :+1:

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I hate traditionalist heathens. Their way of thinking is just like a Christian.


As for this whole thing about racism and white supremacy among heathens, I think Odin would feel disgusted. Whether it is because Odin and his three brothers could technically be Jotun (it’s never given that Bor and Buri were anything else, and who were their wives?), or because the gods and Jotun intermarried from time to time, I like to think that the line between Aesir and Jotun is extremely blurred. And where did Frigg come from? The gods and their enemies were not different races but different families. After all, Thor is the bastard son of Odin and a Jotun woman. I met if I mentioned that he’d laugh. If this would be true, how can Odin be okay with racism? I actually think the Aesir aren’t as uptight as their traditionalist followers. This is why I think Odin would like to be worshiped outside of the cosmology as a god of magic and creativity.


Let me challenge you here. I’ll agree that staunch traditionalists are foolish. But I think some tradition has a place. Such as the lore, as many stories and poems contain esoteric secrets. The runes are part of tradition. As humans and spiritual beings, we like ritual and thus we like tradition. But I don’t think living in long houses or sailing in longships will help you magickally either and as practitioners of the Norse current, we have to carry these spiritual principles into the modern world. Jason Miller has some interesting things to say about modern magick vs. traditional magick. Many modern mages will tell you that evoking Bune and Scrooge McDuck will reap the same results as long as the belief is there. This simply isn’t the case. If you think that Scrooge McDuck can bring you the same results as an ancient spirit, I have some ocean front property in Arizona that you’d like to buy. So I think Norse practitioners need to follow the old saying “Heart in the past, feet in the present, eyes to the future.”


I would certainly never miss an oppurtunity to greet an old man with a wide brimmed hat, or one eye. Nor would I pause for concern if I thought none of them were Odin.


Tbh I try to think of Odin in modern day and all I can see is either an MMA fighter or a daredevil. Odin liked to live life on the EDGE lol. That’s what I got from reading the prose edda anyways.
I picture a strong burly man with a big ol beard and him being loud and happy with booming laughter, but intimidating and doesnt give respect to someone unless they’ve earned it.

I picture Thor as a biker and a wayward spirit. Exploring every country and not being happy in one spot.

I picture Freyja as a MILF or a school teacher who’s a secret party animal and a freak in hiding.

And Heimdall as a librarian in a little corner of the world, quiet but has a lot of knowledge to offer if you ask the right questions.

I picture Freyr as some kind of diplomat, or ambassador, considering the fact that he was vanir…

And Loki as a guy who got rich gambling and hustling, with expensive cigars and private jets. He never passes on an indulgence.

I think of Tyr as a one handed war veteran. Super brave with a purple heart.

Baldr… hm… hes supposed to be the most handsome of all the gods but I cant picture him as a model. Idk.

Hmm… I’m gonna think of more later.
Fuck this is fun Haha.


I agree with you. I am not talking about blatantly throwing away the traditions. I just think those Heathens who want to revive the traditions (and I was one of them at some point) don’t seem to get that they can’t. They have to live in the present. That doesn’t mean they can’t be guided by the old traditions. In fact, many can offer plenty of ideas to building the future.


I Thor as the wrestler, except that last part. I think he’d respect anyone until given a reason not to. However, I also see him as a big community guy, as in being active in his community.

Freyja I picture as a college party girl.

Heimdall gives me a sort of elitist vibe.

Freyjr, I don’t know.

And Loki, yeah gambling, hustling, clubs, general night life guy.


Yes :joy::heart:


He’d probably won’t look like Hiddleston. I think he’d be more like Jim Carry.

Ugh! Like Jim Carey from the Mask?? Hahaha dont get me wrong. Jim Carey is my FAVORITE. But Loki is supposed to be such a WOMANIZER… and Jim Carey just doesnt look the part of a womanizer.

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Eh I picture him getting into a LOT of bar fights but not fighting as a profession.

Actually I consider non-monogamy a common practice among deities of various myths. Odin fucked a Jotun and had Thor. Freyja’s kind of known for having multiple lovers. I can imagine all the gods and goddesses getting into poly amorous relationships (Which I support).

I get what you mean, but I don’t see Hiddleston’s Loki as a womanizer either. Phoney ruler, traitorous coward, petty assassin, ambitious despot, but not womanizer. Loki is simply chaos and dis-rule. Therefore, like Joker, he’s not interested in ambition or ruling. He’s only into being able to do what he wants, when he wants, and causing whatever trouble his whimsical insanity come up with and finding some bullshit philosophical justification for it. He’d make inappropriate jokes, sometimes focusing on dark comedy, sometimes just to be random and silly. So yeah, Jim Carry. Odin is the creative right brain. Loki is just the Id.


Here’s an idea.

Yea they all have had lovers but I read that Loki brags about “having bedded many of the goddesses.” (Not to mention giantesses… and horses). So the fact that he brags about it makes me view him as a womanizer. When I think womanizer, I think hot, when I think hot, I think Tom hiddleston :joy: just my thought process though.
But tbh I dont even think he’d look the way marvel portrays him either. For some reason I picture him being blonde. :woman_shrugging:
Everything else I agree with you on.


@davethebarbarian Apologies then. I get awfully fucking tired of both chaos style mages who want to trash every tradition and the recons who are just LARPing. And you’re entirely right :+1:


I was sitting today and there was a random knock at the door. It was a woman in her 80’s to 90’s. She asked if she could rent a room pointing to my store. I said no I don’t really do rentals and I’m remodeling. She mentioned she used to buy things as a young girl there, and that she was living out of her car. I told her maybe check back in a month, there’s just nowhere to sleep in there right now. She bolted, and I never got her name. It was completely odd, nobody has ever asked to rent a room from me randomly before, nevermind a 6 decade age gap. Then I thought of this thread, and here I’ll remain embarrased for not making 100% sure it wasn’t Hel. Apologies to Hel if it was, she’s welcome anytime :skull:


Freyr, as he appeared in my mind:

First he flew in over the ocean then folded his wings up and detached them as if they were mechanical. He wore a short white tunic and a lot of gold circlets, a belt at his waist and a torc. He had shoulder-length blond hair and a perfect tan. His features were chiseled and masculine and he radiated vitality. Very Greco-Roman, unexpectedly. I had pictured the beach setting because he’s associated with a ship that he folds up and puts in his pocket when he’s not using it. (I just realized that corresponds to him folding his wings up and putting them away. Lol)

I got the impression he didn’t like the ocean setting, however. So next time…

I went North in my head, where it’s cold, and was instantly in a cosy cave with the fire nearby and lots of fur rugs strewn about. He was wearing animal fur and leathers, not Native American Indian style but for warmth. He was still tan and with shoulder length blonde hair, chiseled features, gold circlets and torc. Clean-shaven though. He seemed much more at home in a raw environment–like it would have made his day if a lion attacked so he could leap up and kill it with his bare hands.

My ideal man is not blonde and chiseled, btw. Also, Freyr is not his only deity identity, so I had been expecting… darker.

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The whole point of Norse Paganism not having a centralized book(like that of a bible) is because the gods want the religion to move forward, to evolve and to advance. Christians are so stuck in the path, that’s why I cant take 90% of them seriously.