How do you talk to spirits?

For those who have activated their astral senses
Do you talk to demons as we do as humans? For example, Do they speak in our languages ​​and answer your questions through them?
What are your experiences

@RAYN If you’re not well developed in the basics my suggestions are to start developing them more, theres meditations on YouTube for beginners you can use to open up your astral senses.

Once you are more familiar with that you will get images, symbols & signs that will be recognisable from spirits. Then eventually you might be able to start seeing & hearing them.

Hearing them will be more telepathic. In that case you will need to differentiate between your inner thinking voice which will sound like you when your talking. The other spirits voices will have a different sound to yours.

Usually they will speak in your native language or those that you can understand or translate easier.