How do you summon runes?

Is it even possible to summon them?

Gaze at a rune to open it almost as a spirit’s sigil then repeat either “I summon the rune X” or “(Rune), I summon you”.
Naturally like in the classic case you may do this for knowledge or power; it’s a core procedure, with all the possible stuff to add like circle, candles…


Runes are tied to the tree of Ygdrassil, they are semi-sentient and usually require a sacrifice before they allow a person to fully work with them, which is why in experiences and lore blooding the runes is a sacrifice of the self as Odin sacrificed himself to himself and as he bled down the tree the runes gave him access to all their power.

However, just looking at the runes as power sources can go all kinds of wrong because you also need to work to understand them individually.


This may help.


Fascinating read, I’ve never thought of the runes in this way. Thanks for the share!


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