How Do You Stop People From Reading Your Mind When Your A Magickian

lately well practicing my magick people can read my thoughts and intentions and I can hear them too it’s really annoying and I can’t concentrate on my dark works how do you block this problem completely so it stops and its easier to do magick without hearing them?

How are you sure it’s this scenario and not your own thoughts/voices?

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Welcome @L.E.FitzG Please properly introduce yourself. Tell us about yourself and your experience in magick, ie what you practice, how long you have practiced, etc. It is a rule of this forum and required.

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I do a black cloud surreand me, bcse if its a buble im easy, if im white light their evil eye still can get trough,

I already did?

No, you did not. All you did was comment in someone else’s thread. Please make your own topic, and tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick.

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But to answer the original question, for me personally I’ve never had a reason to Shield my mind from others. Either because I’m such a naturally honest individual or because people tend to not care much about my thoughts (usually because many people have much going on with their own lives, you’d be surprised how rare it is for someone to actually waste time trying to read your mind - it takes effort!).

Anyway, I’m forced to agree with the above.

How do you know it’s not your own mind wandering or being paranoid? I’d suggest grounding more and trying to really focus on your own worries, and see if clearing them makes a difference. If not, you can always either envision a Shield around you or ask a god/goddess or other being you work with for aid. You could also ask your higher self or shadow self and see what information they may have for you. Perhaps it is them that wish to communicate? I dunno. I’m just a wolf in a human suit.

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I tnk wen u work magick. U are carrying a energy tat will stop peopls, or make them look on you very careful, for curiosity. Or wonder, who you exactly are, i have girls wen im out in caffe shops stop eating, and just star on me. Some witches on stores look me very careful and aproach me if need something. Bcse tey can help. If u look very goid the goid magicians on the lhp. Have tat aura.

First of all, how do you know its “people” and not “entities”? Second, sounds to me like you need grounding and banishing.

If its mind reading and you don’t just need a serious grounding, then simply…you don’t :joy: Anyone who’s experienced in mind reading/telepathy can read your thoughts, especially when you send strong signals. Though anyone experienced enough to do this knows its widely considered rude to read people’s mind without their permission, so in this case you just proceed with a punish.


how do i do that?

Nobody is reading your mind, you are projecting what you think they are thinking about you into them and their minds are responding on a subconscious level to be in agreement with said projection. Then it comes out in the things they say to you. I had this same problem when I was getting used to it. The trick is to gain some level of control over it. This is best done by simply relaxing and allowing the world around you and the people to be as they are.

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