How do you steal sexual energy/orgasms from another couple?

Also, how impolite just telling someone they out right “can’t” do something

You don’t know my life or capabilities :joy:

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I wouldn’t get too upset darling. It’s impossible sometimes for us to weed out who knows what and has which experiences. We also have issues with all believe differently- my impossible might not be to you and so forth.

Take me for example, sometimes I go through and post ten times in a day- other times I go weeks without saying a word.

Truly it is up to you to guess whether or not I have any idea what I’m talking about lol.

Sometimes we are too quick to jump to the conclusion that everyone on here is merely a sheep.

Best of luck to you on this. Truly hope you figure out what will work for you on this if you proceed.

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I hadn’t thought of it in that perspective but even so, it’s not cool to just be like"you can’t do something"
Like, no one has a right to tell anyone that.
I found it offensive but it’s all good lol 🤷

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You are a monster.

So, you want the magickal equivalent of watching two people having sex as you observe at the top of a ladder, through the window, treating yourself, and then blow an air horn just before they climax, but as you do?


Lmao what :joy:
Sounds like your overcomplicating it

Yeah well people shouldn’t mess with my friends 🤷🤷🤷

If anything I’m simplifying it. :laughing:

If I misunderstood then my bad lol came off condescending/sarcastic to me >>

I was merely trying to understand your thoughts. Best of luck with your “blue-balls” experiment. :+1:

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I struggle telling sarcasm in real life and it’s even harder online lol

Thank you for the good luck wishes lol I appreciate it

I actually need to do this. Someone hurt/messed with me for the last time. Hmmm can only get it up thinking of me, steal his ability to release it at all (give the energy to someone else) and guess what he can’t get to me as i live on the other side of the country. Man that would be horrible for him.

Sorry im pissed right now… And this is sounding like a perfect idea.

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I’m thinking about working with Asmodeus on creating a servitor for this purpose.
And really, the spirit can just keep the energy if it would make it happy or easier 🤷
So long as the couple in reference are unsatisfied and confused that’s all that matters to me

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Littleshard has already answered this question.

And I agree with him.

You basically focus on your target, and pull the energy :zap: from the target into you.

But really, vamping an orgasm doesn’t sound like a a technique I want to encourage, whether it be in developing how it works, or in using it on other humans.

Trying to steal energy comes from a mindset of lack, and the goal should rather be focused on creating and increasing your own energy and pleasure.

Plus, “asking for a friend”… Doesn’t make me much more interested in explaining a technique here.

If someone really wants to learn it, we already have a full section about vampirism on the board.




Vamping an orgasm it’s impossible cause the energy of the orgasm is purely chaotic and it spreads in the hole space that needs to be filled beyond like tons of Gold particles and Silver rain impregnating everything :heart:


Vamping an orgasm is very much possible. It’s fairly simple depending on your practice, but I suppose for some it could be impossible without knowing how to.


I’ll probably just opt out of the vamping part, really just the act of mean orgasmic interception is good enough for me lol.

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Attack their chakras and cause an energy leak to block their ability to raise the energy of orgasm from the genitals to the brain.

Technically, it could be considered an energetic version of the tease and denial kink They would get really horny but remain unfulfilled lol

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I like that
Neither of them have any real spiritual awareness either 🤷

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