How do you steal sexual energy/orgasms from another couple?

What magical process would be best for blocking two people from cumming during sex, and then stealing orgasms/sexual energy from them?
Meaning, when one or the other is about to cum they then don’t and instead that energy is transferred to me
Asking for a friend :slight_smile:


Visualize sucking up the energy.Works like a charm for me.


It is Qabalistically said, that in the sphere number 9, Gamaliel (The Obscene Ones), there are creatures that can do that, those are the incubi and succubi, they can steal the energy, the orgasms, and redirect the energy to prevent someone from cumming. They usually do those things for playful reasons, but I’m sure that those abilities can be used for baneful magick, and if they can, so do you if you practice. I did it one time, but I stopped doing it because I had better things to do than checking when people were fucking or not


Also, draining energy from sacral chakra will give you sexual energy that your friend you ask for needs even if it not might be as strong as orgasm but you can do it much more frequently.


You could also learn predatory vampirism

Ohhhh that’s neat!!

Yeah, my friend wants to crate a consistent and agonizing magical cocking blocking system lmao.

Pretty evil tbh


Well, even if you get the energy, physical process will happen I think, at least in males whiich orgasms are more mechanic. :thinking: But it being not pleasurable enough is a torture by itself.Now you are giving me sick ideas.

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So long as there orgasms fail just before lift off
Whether or not the sexual vampirsm happens is of less importance then the destruction of there ability to have sexual relief together >>

But they have no issues masturbating, so they can sit and ponder as to why they just can’t cum with each other anymore 🤷🤷🤷

Poor babies :cry:


Okay let me do one better.How about you put a spell that will make them horny 24/7 too.Since its halfly mental too.

You get the energy and they get the frustration. :thinking:

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Devious :smiling_imp::heart::ok_hand:

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That’s a curious idea. Since most of these folks work with demons, I imagine finding something to make the couple obsess over each other sexually-wouldn’t be that difficult.

My question however, isn’t in regards on how to vamp the energy from their orgasm but rather how would you set it up- so that you don’t need to know when they are fcking.

My thought is a servitor. I’ve made one For each of my children, that transmutes certain types of energy into better types, I’ve seen amazing differences with this set up.

Short of a servitor, watching and waiting and leeching, what do you propose?

Sorry I love to theorize on possibilities- especially those outside of the box. Lol even when I have no current use for such!


Oh yeah I was thinking of servitors too.I mean, you would, theoretically, be able to create a servitor that will empty their energy non stop, and you could vamp your servitor. :thinking:

I consumed a psionic thougtform I created once and it was overwhelming to be fair tho, good luck consuming that much energy at once. :smiley:

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I actually hadn’t considered that I might need to know when they are doing it, that would definitely be a problem.

A servitor is a really good idea to get around that tho

Well. I set up the servitors for my children to store the excess energy in their … assigned vessels- Until me or the boyfriend summoned to consume it. I imagine you could designate crystals and such as well. I also designated specific forms of energy as their food so to speak.

I guess I’m thinking with the right programming- it wouldn’t be a difficult task at all.


I just couldn’t come up with any other way to know on the fly. If you spend time and energy obsessing over when they are doing it, in order to vamp it— eh your just going In The wrong circles.

@C.Kendall and @AdamThoth or maybe @Yberion might have better ideas than mine however.

Actually @DarkestKnight does or seems to do, and be familiar with energy work, amongst his many topics he’s knowledgeable on. He may be able to advise as well


Well, I can see some talismanic work happening with that one.You can bind your servitor to a talisman after supercharging it.

We are kinda getting off topic now.So I am out. :smiley:


True. I used things that I knew my children would keep pretty much forever due to sentimental value. Granted they can be summoned with a name and sigil as well- something about having a vessel in my children’s possession however felt right, as well Giving me a storage system.

@Littleshart Maybe a little off topic, but I thought perhaps she could in cooperate our theories lol.


I appreciate all the responses and advice everyone <3

This couple really fucked over a chill and kind person >> and all they do is f*** and fight anyway🤦

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You can’t do that , learning abilities that will lead to you being able to do that will take months or years of practice

If I was an inexpierended magician then maybe that would be a thing
But I’m not soooo 🤷

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