How do you soul travel

How do you do it? Perform soul travel?


There is a whole course on how to do this. There are many ways to do it


I use this personally


I am just going to copy paste this here.

{All info is from the above link} It’s an excerpt from Eye of the Oracle by Somnus Dreadwood which includes a lot of other more advanced information relating to Soul Travel and other things.

VM: Alternate 1 (Darkness)
Seat yourself in a straight back chair or recline with your back and head elevated and allow the body to rest limp. Do not place yourself in a position that will make you uncomfortable as this will trigger physical discomfort which causes the mind to adjust. Also, do not place yourself in a way that your mind associates with sleeping such as in a bed or in a bedroom. Close your eyes a in a silent way allow your mind to focus on the darkness of the back of your eyelids. When any visual sensation calms to a deeper blackness, simply focus on the basic idea of entering the darkness. Do not think of it as a vortex, gate, or wanting an out of body experience. By the time you begin thinking of “falling” into darkness, your third eye will already begin to vibrate and be heightened to the vibrational level of absolute psychism required for projection. The third eye/crown chakra will express the feeling akin to having water ebb and flow over your head. This is all that is needed as this continued vibration will arouse the other chakras and lead to entering the void. It is very simple as you only need to allow your Spirit to be enveloped in the darkness without requiring any mental focus or physical response to prep yourself.

VM: Alternate 2 (Auditory Overload)
For some, a heightened spiritual state is not achieved through silent contemplation and internal focus. Others find their vision quests come amidst an onslaught of noise. This works particularly well when there is music, television, people talking, and so on. As in the first exercise, seat yourself accordingly and allow the body to be proverbially dead. Now, close your eyes and rather than focusing on the darkness, focus on the surrounding noise. Begin by paying close attention to each source of noise. Listen intently to every detail of it and obtain a clear understanding of it. Then move to the next source of noise. Obtain the same level of understanding and filtering each layer of sound. Once you’ve gone through each source of sound, attempt to focus on all of it at once. This can be a bit of a difficult task, but its the attempt that matters, not actually being able to do it. As you allow your mind to work hastily to condense all noise to one layer of sound, remove all notion of needing to project and simply relax in the mindwash of sound flooding your mind. This will create the same vibratiional current within, but will work from the deepest levels and work upward until the Spirit is seperated from the body as needed.

VM: Alternate 3 (White Noise)
This method falls into a modern brach of urban magick known as technomancy. This can be done entirely auditorily as well as being done in an audio-visual way. Using the Psychosensory Gate is a basic example of this: using imagery and sound to pull the Spirit while subduing the body. However, in this technique, we use two very basic and easily accessible components - static signals. The best way to utilize this is to use a television and turn it to a channel that has no signal. The goal is to be able to gaze into the ocean of black and white anamorphic patterns continually changing style, shape, and placement while allowing the static noise to flood your ears. Again, you should place yourself on a couch or chair centered in front of the screen with the volume turned up loud enough to drown out outside noise. The body is kept in its mock death state as you gaze directly into the screen. If you can relax enough to allow yourself to stare, even better. If you’re prone to blinking, close your eyes and allow the screen’s light to dance against your eyelids akin to a muted version of the aurora borealis. Otherwise, allow the static (white noise) to overflow in your ears, but keep it at a volume that is comfortable rather than of being so loud it creates discomfort. Simply allow this process to continue without mentally focusing or concentrating on any part of it. Once more, this ebb and flow and non-objective dead resting will heighten the Spirit and pull it beyond the planar veil.

VM: Alternate 4 (Power & Glory)
If not silent contemplation, music, visual mindbathing, or white noise, for some, the mere prospect of power, authority, glory, and bragging rights is enough to fuel the Spirit into incredible action. Take a sheet of paper and use either a special ink, special writing instrument, or other tool that to you represents power. Some Disciples use marbled parchment, resume paper, a special textured card stock for their paper. For ink, some use a caligraphy pen with inks colored by blood or sacred plants, berries, or flowers for instance. Others use the olde world “bloody finger” to do the following. Use these tools to write or draw out the driving force(s) that move you to bend the Gods and the cosmos to manifest your desires. As you’re doing this, simply imagine all that will be done to achieve this and what all will be after you’ve achieved it. You can reuse this paper. Simply allow yourself time to invigorate yourself with these symbols before proceeding. After you’ve done this, make a sort of mantra out of these things. It can be the actual item (money), the idea (power), or the desire (status) for instance. As a general rule, while you don’t have to do this, a smooth mantra allows one word to blend into the next via the last syllable, letter, or vague sound. Now, with a candle, have it lit and ensure it will burn long enough to support a lengthy, deep meditation. Place it on a table, on the floor if you wish to sit on the floor, or anywhere else that will be directly in front of your seat. Gaze into the flame as chant your mantra. Chant it at any speed, pitch, or tone that is comfortable to you.If at any point you feel it rise or lower or change through your voice, don’t restrict it and try not to pay much attention to it. Don’t focus on any part of the flame other than the white center. Many times, the Spirit will be so drawn beyond the flesh you will stop chanting. By this time, the real effect will be taking place. Typically, the white of the fire will either flood your vision or create a tunnel effect. Again, do not pay attention to this. This is how your Spirit is leaving the body and using the flame as a vortex to escape Etheris. Simply allow it to take its course and this will yield an out of body experience as well. Similarly, for those who enjoy the outdoors, creating a bonfire and doing the same will work just as well. The crackling of the wood, leaves, and the like can also have a profound auditory effect as well in bolstering this experience.


I can tell you how to NOT do it - try any method at all, and give up in disgust, disappointment, resentment, when you’re not almost bodily transported into a different realm, like in the movies. :+1:

A lot of people make variations of that mistake so I’m giving you that advice before you try anything, so you’ll know what NOT to do.

One hallmark of a successful astral journey is that while at the time the nagging thought “Is this just in my head?” may be present, when you get back, write up your notes, and think back to what happened, the vividness of the memories will be as strong as your memories of events in the everyday world, and unless you were distracted out of the journey, you’ll have next to no memory of your body here in normal life during the trance.


I don’t disagree, but I do believe that projections where you are lifted undeniably straight out of your body is a goal that should be strived for. Some of my most intense projections have been quite intense after all.


@Lady_Eva how will you have no memory of your body here in normal life during the trance? If you have no memory of your body then how do you return to it?

The Word memory in that context might be what throws you of. I think what @Lady_Eva means it that your focus during soul travel shouldent be on what your physical body is doing right at the time.
You need to let go of the sensation of your body and immurse yourself in the things you see in your travel that all your focus should latmy there.

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Like with most things on the magickal/mystical path, I feel like the terminology used to describe these sometimes ineffable experiences can be problematic.

What you’re describing here is shamanic journeying by definition, and it is an interaction of sorts with the astral, agreed.

But it seems to me (at least with a very limited experience with shamanic journeying) that like @TheStorm said, there is still a clear difference between this and actual astral projection, wherein one experiences electrical vibrations running through your body, buzzing sounds, and finally a sort of tearing sensation followed by you literally leaving your body into the astral plane. Shamanic journeying seems to rely heavily on active imagination, at least in the first stages, whereas you don’t have to imagine anything with astral projection–it straight up happens to you.

I haven’t watched EA’s Soul Travel course yet so I don’t know how he defines soul travel… Is he referring more to a shamanic journeying or astral projection?


Yes, you structure your interface through an act of creative imagination.

But the reason I value shamanic journeying as a first stage is that literally EVERYONE can do it provided they can put aside self-doubt and focus their minds a little, whereas not everyone can do what you describe above on first try.

And with time it will get more intense, and also, the shamanic method will lead to anything the practitioner cares to do, with time and practice, whereas someone who fails to have a dramatic experience the first time astral travelling will probably be inclined to give up.

In core shamanism trainings, I’ve seen people who had never really considered themselves gifted perform joruneys and reliably report on past events they witnessed, or obscure old injuries and illnesses, from the life of the person they were paired up with 3 hours earlier and don’t even know.

Also, there is no perceptible difference in POWER - you can save lives using this method, I have done so, you can also with time use it for all the same purposes as any other kind of black magick.

So that’s why I stand by this method as having value. It’s also about as safe as magick gets, and there are many resources for learning more readily available.

Can’t help there, soz, I haven’t done it either, maybe someone else will know. :smiley:


I’ve been experimenting with some of the shamanic journeying type following some of the templates of Josephine McCarthy’s primers. (I argue a little with some of the material, but I still find her directions helpful). So far, so good. But using this form, I have trouble walking in the imagined scene, instead of sort of hovering over it. I couldn’t easily walk in the woods, hovered instead, but I could walk around in the desert in the Tin Hinan exercise and I could walk around in the yard of my childhood home using J.M.'s advice about the Void being a gateway to anywhere anytime.

I’ve only AP once for certain. It was very dramatic, but I had help to get to that point and I didn’t go anywhere. I saw myself laying there in hyper-reality from a place above me. Really weird thing was that it took me a moment to recognize and realize who I was looking at.

Most successful method I’ve encountered is as follows:

Lay down comfortably
Close your eyes
Relax fully
Open all Chakras
Focus on breath
Inhale fully and exhale fully, feeling your breath move
As you do so, feel the energy around you move as well
Visualize the room around you as clearly and in as much detail as possible
Visualize and feel your arms and legs moving without you physically moving them, but feel as if you are
Do this for a few minutes
Now, roll over on your side and feel as if you are actually doing it, as if even your perspective of your room has changed, as if you physically rolled onto your side without physically doing anything
Lay like this still in your body until you feel a vibration
Spiritually sit up as if you physically are doing it
Stand up
Walk to the other side of the room
Now turn around and lay back down in your body
Do this two more times
When you have completed the third time doing this, get out of your body once again, and leave the room, go wherever you want with your will and thoughts
Whenever you are ready to come back to your body, inhale sharply and clench both your physical fists.
Slowly physically move around until you are ready to get up and go about the rest of your day.

Now at first when you start doing this, there will likely be some physical inaccuracies, but as you do it more often you will eventually see places as they physically are at that moment in time!

Remember to perceive things as if you are physically there, a “first person perspective” if you will.

Also, to know that you are truly out of your body, there will come a point when you will no longer be visualizing your surroundings, you will truly be there in your soul. It doesn’t matter how strange it gets, just trust your intuition!:blush:

I hope this helps!


Indeed, despite initial failure I better keep trying with “The best way to succeed…” from newsletter. Also, I like the science and graduality in Monroe’s technique.