How do you solidify intention?

well how?
i know intention is the key. everytime i meditate i can only have really laser focus on my intentions for a few seconds. maybe i need more practice?

but how you really solidify or concrete your intentions.

do you visualise the same thing over and over?

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Let me ask you this - is there any momentum behind laser-focused intentions? Could there be? And what would happen if you were to take that laser focus out of meditation and into ritual?


No. that is the problem here. i only manage it a few seconds at a time.

it is during the rituals.

few seconds here and there. and praying and saying my intentions / petitions out loud … its all absolutely draining.

there is a residual yearning after the ritual though. like you want to do more. but no energy.

Ah, I feel you. Sometimes I feel this way, but if being honest, I normally don’t to spells for stuff I TRULY want. Instead, I do spells to set that up in the end. Otherwise, I may yearn for the result too much.

I’m positive that others can (hope they will) chime in. If you look on Reddit and similar places, you’ll find a lot of talk about Yearning for Results that can cause workings to backfire. Absolutely is a thing.

One way to deal with that is to place it in the hands of another being that you trust to take care of it for you. Say, you work out a deal with King Belial or King Paimon. If you trust in them, then you can call on them to assist your working. Your trust in them will help you reduce/remove the yearning for the working. But only if you 1) Trust them legitimately and 2) Are looking/lusting for the end result.

As EA and countless others have stated, you’ve left the results of the working in either trusted hands or to the Universe. Let them do the work for your efforts.

Hope it helps.

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sorry i dont understand.

its not so much of yearning for the results … but the incomplete feeling of i couldve done more in the ritual is all. but thanks.

my question right now is how do i hold that focused scene or moment in my head for longer period of time. and to do that do i have to keep playing the same scene over and over again or …what ? idk

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it is about accepting it as true-authentically realising it is true even if invisible.
For that you must understand clearly that reality is only consciousness, no more and no less.
any other method may provide some temporary relief but is unlikely to be sustainable. I mean, what do you do to “solidify” anything else you do?



anything else. any “ordinary”, everyday, run-of-the-mill desire: how does it “solidify”? How does on perceived instant change into the next with solidity? Examine the perception closely.

just couldnt grasp the idea there mate . would u rephrase it ?

987 is trying to say how does one ground the intentions sending out
Imagination is controlled reality,atleast that I’ve been practicing.

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hummm… how does one ground intentions tough? interesting

Become one with whatever actions you do such as meditating sending energy to one point from to another
That’s an activated intention right there

You have to speak your intention, see the end goal in your mind (3rd eye) and then feel as you would feel if what you want becomes reality :slight_smile:

yes. but i can only hold it for few seconds.
the whole reason of the thread is to find out how can i do it longer than just a few seconds at a time.

Practice, the more you practice the longer you will be able to. But it is not necessarily about how long you do it but about how strong is the energy or feelings you put in the intention.

Good luck :slight_smile:


what i’m trying to say is that, what you seek to achieve magically is not fundamentally different from anything else you do: it depends on consciousness. Each step you take is a magical act and you don’t do anything special to “solidify” the world around you ( :slight_smile: it’s not actually solid anyway :slight_smile: ) and it’s no different with any seemingly “special” goal. What you can accept as true will manifest–that’s it. Genuine belief is what gives the illusion of solidity.

Intention isn’t as vital as seeing the result u want. Great things can come from having bad intentions and vice versa.

Getting the result to materialize …think its more technique oriented than intent, meditation. You can meditate unless ur knees don’t work on something and it wont happen. If meditation worked, ppl wouldn’t rely on magick /sorcery…

Learn the techniques of practical sorcery, or summon an entity that can do it for u…When the spell fails, evoke something that can bring it to pass…

I’m interpretting solidify as RESULTS…Be i wrong with what u mean?

If your talking about solidifying a tulpa or thoughtform…Jack or Jill off to the object u want to materialize…It maybe easier trying to visualize it with eyes open than closed…tulpas do take on their own life at some point…and u’ll see ppl resembling the tulpa all over the place if ur successful.