How do you see Belial?

Often while (for example) looking at Belial’s sigil and perhaps also repeating his name, the image of him “popping” in my mind was his portrayal in Das buch Belial.
Probably both because of how fascinated I was as a little boy, and Belial likes to exploit, comply with that.

How do u know that it is real him?


A greek looking statue …and a big muscular bald headed man with sparkling teeth

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I just get the feel of the Mantle, with the presence to alter the feel of my Dark-Roast coffee. Then people tell me about how my behavior and presentation has changed. For the mystery of Belial, is nicely experienced in a darkened room, with my learning from my becoming transformed.

I have only felt Belial’s energy. I have never seen him. But, one night after attempting to summon Belial and nothing happening… I went to bed and woke up at almost 3am. It was 2:50 something. I have a habit of sleeping with my phone and checking the time every time I wake up. Well, I don’t know if it was Belial or what it was. But, when I looked directly at the corner of my room, there was a woman who looked Egyptian. She was wearing Egyptian garments/attire (from head to toe), and in between her hands was a floating globe :earth_americas: and it was spinning. I stared at her for a few minutes. It was not a “dream”. She was just standing in the corner of my room with the spinning/floating globe. She didn’t acknowledge me. Just stood there looking at the globe. I think about it and still trip out.


This is how I have seen him. He was beautiful but like an elf. I am a fan of sailor moon, so I had to draw this beautiful entity with buns, cause he reminds me of Link and somewhat of Usagi.

Picture is mine. I’ll haunt you if you steal it. <3


At first he came as a gargoyle-like demon dude. Then after being around for a little while he changed to a tall robbed anthropomorphic Goat-dude with long black clawed hands.


Every time I see the title of this thread, the first thing I think is “…with my eyes.” :joy::rofl:


Before me, similar like this:


I saw King Belial as a white man, tall, black hair in a suit, with a cocky smirk on his face, lounging on my parents couch.


Similar here. Very cocky demeanor lol but I felt him change once i passed some tests.


In his human form, I see him as a tall muscular and handsome dark skinned man dressed in a suit of black and purple. In his true form, something akin to chernobog from night on bald mountain.


I swear I’ve seen this image in my minds eye… Blonde hair… Blue eyes?

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I see Belial like this


This is crazy, that’s so similar to how I saw him… Shaved head!!! and a black guy! No way

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That’s amazing! :laughing:

This is how Belial showed and continues to show himself…

And many other beastly and muscular forms he has shown and continues to. But the above remains constant.



To me, he mostly shows up as a short and stocky guy in his 40’s, wearing a smart suit.

I have seen him on occasion as a typical tall, horned demon, but in silhouette. And when performing the Gatekeeper ritual, he shows up as a little demon, brown leathery skin? Something like that.

For some reason I’ve been “avoiding” contact with this specific entity. Either my own worries or just not a good match for me lol. More so then the other demons.

I’ve not had any interactions of late, due to insane workload on my job.
however, I’ve only recently realized I’ve been seeing the depiction of Buer fron the ars goetia nearly my entire life.
it’s honestly one of my oldest memories. we had this dream book when I was a kid and it was there.
guess I’ll start down that path soonish.