How do you see Belial?

Let’s have a chat about the various appearances of Belial. Those who know me know I only work with the king.
He’s come to me in 2 forms, one was your generic ultra demon look. It was in a dream.
Otherwise he always shows up as for lack of a better description,a fly ass black guy. Jherri curls, windbreaker everything. Think big worm from Friday mixed with run DMC. I have no idea why he or I chose this form. There’s also generally background music that’s either 80’s hip hop or old funk like Parliament or gap band.
Good stuff either way.
I’m just curious of other folk’s experiences with Him.


Like this


An angel looking god with long flowly blonde hair and white wings with horns on both sides of the wings. With a colosseum full of demons to take on those who want a challenge, a dark maze for people who want to put their instincts to the test.

I see him as a trainer. But my experience with seeing him (possibly) in a dream that same night I wrote a petition, but that’s my view on him for now unless I get some different kind of result soon.

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Woah that’s cool

That’s similar to how he showed in my dream, only no wings/giant horns and he wasn’t red.

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I see him like Link from Zelda.


A black figure with a blacked out face and a gold crown of thorns for bane.

A tall and muscular man with a gold face mask and black cape another time

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I’ve had him pop up on me looking like the Crimson Ghost (at least the Misfits version). Another form I drew below:


Usually cloaked and hooded. Always looking like a initiator.


First I saw him as dark green smoke/fog in the darkness. Later he appeared as a typically-looking demon with dark green skin (this color matches him according to my subconscious it seems)

Now I usually see visions like broken human skulls covered in mud or dirt with worms.


Only saw him once so far

Minus the beard and his hair was dark brown. He was also wearing a trenchcoat that probably had better days.

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Old man Kurt Russell. :smile:
Also, nice to see you’re back again.


I used to see him as Frederik Barbarrosa

I see him after as a robot with a big sword


A big flamboyant yet muscular demon, brutish.


This! A nomadic, cloaked wanderer with his face hidden by his hood.


That’s how he was in my dream. For lack of a better term like a dremora from the elder scrolls.

Physically is similar to yours. A black guy in his 30s. Only he’s wearing a black suit and shaved head. But the last time I summoned him, he appeared to me cloaked with glowing eyes.

The first time I called him, there were those types of music playing as well.


Usually as a choking red mist or fog. And only once as a massive deep red scaled dragon.

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Yep I’ve seen them cosplay as link many times

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Well honestly he looked really good looking to me…not like the images here. But he laughs a lot and has no fear in offending other daemons from experience :expressionless: