How do you remove freeze spells

Hello, most of the time i feel cold, mostly cold feet. How do I remove such thing?

Go to your local doctor.

Seriously. I think many people blame their ailments on some type of curse or attack when it’s really a matter that needs modern medicine.


Freeze spells aren’t meant to make you cold, they are a kin if biding to stop you from doing something.

Cold feet is often an issue with poor circulation, so doing things that improve the health of your veins so they circulate your blood better are helpful.

For an energy working perspective, it’s harder to open the energy channels to the legs so cold qi gets trapped there. Body chills and cold legs from yoga meditation practice The upshot of this article is it advices more meditation and qi cultivation to strengthen your qi and balance it in all your channels to fix issues of imbalance, of which poor circulation is a possible symptom, hence cold feet.


(This isn’t medical advice) Feeling cold most of the time could also be a sign of an iron deficiency or anemia. I know because I’m anemic. Check your diet to ensure you aren’t cold because of any deficiencies in any vitamins or minerals.

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