How do you properly begin working with Thor?


I feel a draw to Norse Magick and the pantheon. I am very new to magick and want all the information i can get my hands on. I have started reaching out to Thor through prayer and feeling his presence only in early stages of evocation. Any thoughts or opinions?


No shit: pick up a hammer, I was going to type “a goddamn hammer” and that is actually suitable, he is the protector of Midgard and everything we were brought up with (weak lame slew of desert cults and some scientific materialism that is vapid and false in many ways) is the “damned” wasted time, now that the old gods and ancient forces are rising once more.

I digress.

Pick up a fucking hammer - see how it feels in your hand.

See what you think of crushing with it.

(And, who.)

Feel the heft.

Judge its workmanship in terms of how well it might perform every task you may want to perform with it.

You know the value of a recipe in your kitchen by its taste - you know the heart, soul, and quality of any given god or goddess of ancient and true people (outside the sick desert cult) by comprehending their iconography, that which they, as transcendental beings, have manifested forth to our 3D special world of solidity and mortality, by USING it, wielding their tools, even meeting with their special animals (so, some goats’ milk in your tea, may also be a useful or interesting thing).

But - pick up a fucking hammer - you will only know Thor when you have done this. :smiling_imp:


been wondering the same thing, but to work with Odin.


Fwiw same advice as above from me. :smiley:


I am in the process of crafting a legitimate ritual hammer dedicated to the thunder god. The only thing to do after that I suppose is pray and seek him in evocation.


Also, dude, just BUY a fucking hammer, the first fucking hammer (goddamn hammer, blasted hammer, for-fuck’s-sake hammer, assholish killer hammer! :laughing: ) you can get.

Hold that cunt in your hands.

See what it says to you.

Make your magick too fancy and you may end up worshipping the fanciness, not the POWER! :wink:

The only thing after that is to HOLD the goddamned fucking hammer, and see what it evokes in YOU.

The Norse gods need no snivelling “in ancient lands, long ago, oh so mighty, bow down before us” dweebs, that’s not part of what Tacitus observed - kick your own ass and man the fuck up, YOU have a right to converse with gods, no intermediary needed: ask him (neither in humble prayer nor arrogant demand) to speak, with YOU, as an ally, neither master nor slave, and be there for you. :fist:


Hel, Pleading never worked for me anyway lol
Thanks for the advice


@Lady_Eva is correct. I had been interested in the Norse path since I was a small child. After I was grown I really started getting involved with it. I remember picking up a small sledge hammer at that time and feeling the power as I had imagined Thor would feel with Mjolnir. Ever since then, whenever I picked up any kind of hammer with any heft at all, I felt that energy coursing through my body.

She is also correct(common theme here?) in the sniveling, pleading and bowing down. The Norse Gods as a whole look down on that. They would rather you stand in front of them or at their side shoulder to shoulder and talk to them as if you had respect for not just them, but for yourself also. None of this bowing down and praying shit. Stand on your feet when you address them.


What sort of questions, requests, or insights are asked for when calling on Thor?


What I would suggest is, if you aren’t already, familiarize yourself with Thor, and all that he represents. Then use that as a guide to ask of him things that pertain to what you need in order to progress yourself along your own path and goals.
Or, just ask him about whatever interests you. Just keep in mind, each god specializes in different things and you may not get what you need by asking them about something they don’t specialize or have no interest in. So it’s always best to figure out what you need, and then seek a god/spirit/entity which is aligned with that.
That being said, sometimes we feel a pull or connection with a certain god or entity, so we need to find out what it is pulling us towards them, that should be a clue as to what you need to seek from them.

Edit: I realized I didn’t really answer your question directly. Thor is about strength, masculinity and is a guardian of Midgard. Also, he was said to have control over weather and storms. Often people would seek him out for protection, safety, strength (both courage and physical) as well as help with weather for crops and sea voyages.


Well i find strong and good the protection of Thor rotating and doing the sign of his hammer with both arms: Thor before me, Thor beside me, Thor at my left, Thor at my right, Thor above me. Might be a good way to start working with Him


Work with rune Thurisaz, make some coffee for him in evocation (at least he wanted that from me lol) and have a great sense of humor while working with him, he is a really chill guy if you are nice to him as well, he is dangerous as hell to enemies too. Just evoke him and talk, don’t ask us how to work with him, ask him.


Great recommendations. Mead and ale/beer are good too. He also seems like he would be a whiskey drinker, however I’ve never offered it to him.
I’ve always perceived him to be fairly serious, not much to joke and kid around. Odin on the other hand, loves a good joke.


Well mead and beer are obvious while working with that bastard :smiley:
Odin though has always poker face for me, I just wait for next hunting with Thor on giants lol.
If I could recommend something else goat cheese if good too.


If you go with mead, store bought stuff will be accepted, but if it’s home brewed stuff, it really goes the extra mile with them.
I had a friend that used to make the best mead I’ve ever had, the gods loved it. I never could get any of mine to turn out that good.


This is great information. I appreciate all of it.


Well I wouldn’t be surprised if Thor would really lock that guy up in Valhalla to make mead whole days, he is really a lover of it lol


Don’t forget the mead.


Never forget the mead.


It is good to charge the hammer of Thor with either few drops of blood or with Rain water. Simply holding the hammer in wind or letting rain get on it, visualizing powerful storm energy what ever color going in the hammer empowers it. Hammer of Thor wether a sledge hammer or on necklace can help to create new beneficial openings in magicians life.