How do you pray to lucifer?

Do you go on your knees and say “in the name of the father and the son… “ I don’t know shall I call his enn and kneel and that??

However you choose to pray, knees, sitting, standing, and whatever it is you want to say and address him as.

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If you want to contact him, Evoke him. You can find his sigil easily. Do the sigil gazing thing you can find the post on the forum.

Say name of spirit I your name call you here, appear before me so we may communicate with each other. State your request.

I invite you to visit me in my dream to confirm to me whether or not you acknowledge my request and if you agree on my terms to do it let me know when it will be done. Don’t be a bitch and succumb to doing anything for what you want. Do it on your terms like a man.


You should look into sigil scrying it helps, if you want to evoke get a hold of mastering evocation. Cool basics in there that really ramped up my practice.

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Evoke, you are not subservient to spirits. They are subservient to you. That’s why you Evoke. You can be fair but know it’s you the Evocator who has the power.

You don’t have to summon him in order to pray for him. You can say anything you want and you can do that in any way you want.

Here’s how I do it: Prayer to King Paimon or Lucifer

But there’s no specific formula or anything. You can do it your way.


Not really, to be honest. When you summon Lucifer for example, he’s too powerful for a human being, no matter what circles or spells you use. And that’s okay, he’s not going to hurt you, nor does he want to harm humans.


Lol Lucifer isnt subservient to anyone x.x


This may work for lesser beings. But theres many entities that will not bow to you and are not subservient to anyone. I advise you rethink your authority and power. It is your journey. Do what you will. Just saying it’s not a good idea to have that mentality when communicating with the big guns. Some better advise. Show respect to any spirit you call on.


Just say thanks, he’ll hear