How do you make people forget?

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When I am with others, especially when I find myself in job related situations, I tend to be very careful about what I say. However, sometimes, I end up telling others some pieces of information that they shouldn’t know. So, i was wondering if someone here has ever been successful in deleting, or at least confusing to the greatest possible extent, memories of specific conversations/events and, if yes, how it was done.

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The best thing you can do in my opinion would be to make it so the person wont speak against you. you can sweeten them or do something to a beef tongue to shut them up. The best thing to do for the future is be mindful of what you say.

“Erased be thy mind,
remember thee will not
As I will it, so be it”

-Visualise the appearance of the person while incanting, the specific memory to be erased, then take the memory from them. I’ve found this to work for me.

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Its kind of paradox to think of other people’s memories, as you personally don’t have them.

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Best way to keep a secret (if you can’t just keep your mouth shut):
Tell it to everyone as if it were a joke.

I read this and I’m thinking, you know how when you love someone even their freakiest stuff is funny or cute, yet when you dislike someone, even the sensible normal stuff they do grates on your nerves?

So, winning people over is 99% of the game, then they’ll look back on your little indiscretions as cute or understandable (remember most people who have any kind of life are so busy being insecure themselves, they actually don’t begin to comprehend the well of self-judgement you live in) because they’re favourably inclined towards you.

Also, find out why you do it - people-pleasing, aggressive anger that you feel some topics can’t be spoken about that you think should? Whatever - and deal with that, because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Everything requires your attention to exist. Behave as if what you want forgotten doesn’t exist. This will create visual and behavior cues that act as inference points to guide people’s attention. Do this subtly enough, and people will go along with it without even realizing.

The idea behind S.E.P. fields from the Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy could be applicable for this purpose as well.