How do you know?

Just a question to the more experienced, or the newbies that are already better at this then I. How do you know the difference between your own selfish wants and a call to answer? Case in point, I have felt a want to call upon Lady Lilith to meditate with me and to speak with her more frequently of late. It seems to be getting stronger. At the same time, I haven’t had any dreams of a call to her or heard an actual voice or seen any flashes to bring me to believe it is her. I know the simple answer is just “pick up the phone” so to speak and see how it goes, but at the same time I always don’t want to bother her or any others that are already inundated by requests by others, just for a “hey hang with me for no reason other then it’d be nice”. Am I right to wait? Should I follow my feelings? Is it more arrogant to think I shouldn’t bother entities that are capable of multitasking at a much higher level then we ever can?


Trust your intuition.

I feel this is a form of unwarranted guilt. You’re playing small. It might sound trite, but you’re God. This is not an exaggeration or LHP self aggrandizing; you are literally a spark of the Eternal, wrapped up in a meat suit. You do not need permission to call upon an entity, and beings such as Lilith are fully capable of answering calls from a million magicians all around the world at the same time, so it’s hardly a bother to them (though sometimes, they may send an emissary in their stead, depending on the relationship you have with them).

The only time I have ever heard of a spirit being “bothered” by a magician calling, is when the magician is harassing them about their results, constantly wanting to know when it will happen.


Whenever you call upon a spirit, you glorify their reality with your time, energy, and attention. They can only become part of the material world through human contact, so by making that contact, you make them more real, more solid and tangibly concretely real in this world.

Fun facts aside, I say do what you want and see what happens.


I’ll try to follow my gut more. If they don’t want to be bothered I’m sure they will let me know. Thank you both for helping get some thoughts worked out :slight_smile: .