How do you know you can trust a Caster?

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as mention in the Title what are the Things that you think you can trust someone to cast Spells for you and knowing they do the Work and not only taking your Money :moneybag: You can pm me if you don’t want to comment here



Generally speaking, a reputable conjurer should provide some sort of evidence of what was done on your behalf. They should discuss with you exactly what you want, the ritual they will do for you, with a rough time frame of when they will do it, and what kind of result you should expect from it.

Avoid anyone who claims they can do the impossible, like make you a millionaire in a week, or guarantee to get your ex back, even though he is getting married to someone else, and loathes you. Being set up for high expectations will only lead you to disappointment.

Also, remember that you are never paying for the result of the magick, only for the magician’s time, skill, and effort. Even great magicians fail sometimes so nothing is ever 100% guaranteed.


This is something I tell my clients always. Doing the impossible is sometimes possible but mostly such feats don’t have any chance of happening so even experienced mages cant fulfill the work.


First a reading second tell person to un uncross take baths, to lpen roads etc then i will do job and be honest, and yes lets say bad luck he has well a uncroses, second purify, and 3 proctecion. Both are not easy to do. And requires person to get a amulet for 30 days, and it be ok for a year, 3 jobs a goal. Mo cheap but works better, or gwt material which takehours to get, and purify, there u will see a honest Caster

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Generally speaking, I’m of the view of “why let someone else do it if it’s a job I can probably get done satisfactorily?”

Otherwise, I’d say I agree with Darkest. However, I also think a better one will also flat out tell you if it’s worth it or not to proceed with your goal (i.e if the situation is worth the effort, for example wanting a shitty ex back.)


Maybe lust for results? I can see a lot of people thinking they can’t deal with the lust for results regarding X thing and therefore hiring someone to do it for them.

I know I used to struggle A LOT with that.


But the hirer’s lust for results may still mess with the caster’s work.

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I don’t know if the hirer’s lust for results, but the hirer actively working against the magick very well may be.


Yup, happens all the time.

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Fair point, just my way of thinking personally.


I don’t know. It if perfectly fine for you to think as you do, I do believe it is very subjectivo, tho.

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This. I always tell someone if they are going to hire someone don’t do anything to mess with it. I am even a little shy at doing readings and such and usually will ask the one hired if it is ok or if there is anything that needs to be on the heater’s end.

I have seen a lot of people ruin what they paid sometimes a lot of money for.


How do you NOT lust for results? It’s difficult sometimes. I wonder if that’s my issue ALL the time

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