How do you know when spirits have “ turned their back to you” ect

Like not willing to work with you ?

It sure feels like that sometimes

Does it feel like the spirits aren’t working with you anymore, as opposed to just waiting for them to do the work? Sometimes it feels as if certain spirits have abandoned me so to speak, but then right when I start to question the work, things start picking up. It could be quiet because they’re working on your situation.

Sometimes it’s a case of them knowing more about the “behind the scenes” information when it comes to a situation, and that could be another reason why they won’t work with us. There was an instance when I called Andromalius for revenge and he flat out refused to work with me. He was very nice to me, but said no, I’m not doing that. I was a bit upset because I thought the revenge was justified, but it really wasn’t.

You could try talking to the spirit and ask why they’re not willing to work with you, if that’s the case.