How do you know when a Spirit is working with you

I’ve been working on my skills to work with some spirits of the Goeita Spirits. I grew up in a Christian home and help out at my church students to help learn about becoming a spirituality better and conscious individual. If I am honoring these Spirits and giving blood and candles as well as flowers (whatever there plant is for each specific deity) would that stop them from helping me? I’ve tried a lot and it seems sometimes nothing comes from it other than a inner battle always wondering. Thanks for your thoughts. Blessed beast!

Ps. EA Koeitings teachings are phenomenal and he’s a great teacher so thanks!


I wouldn’t recommend giving blood unless your close with your spirit

,[quote=“Dante_Osiris, post:1,
inner battle always wondering

I would suggest for you to clear that inner battle and give more trust then doubts
And not think to much about just request what you need and there going to help you ,if you feel like nothing much is happening it’s because they think that you have the power is achieve it by yourself
And they will guide ,you see there here to help you be independent not to depend on them to get all your shit done (do your homework ,don’t ask for someone else to do it ,but you can ask them how to do it which makes it easier).

Can you mention what your “inner battle” feels like? It could be doubt or some kind of spirit feeling.

Also this. Unless you’re making a demon pact then you could write it in your own blood if you feel comfortable doing so. But even then I would only consider it if you want a strong or permanent bond.

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Inner battle as in , my old Christian dogmas still in my mind and thinking that whatever I do could effect those around me, as in “Christans”. And I have offered blood every time which is why I was given a gargoyle as well as a Spirit guide. Besides getting what I’ve wanted to obtain “love” I’ve been given strength to overcome doubts and most fears.

As for spiritual battles, I do feel waged in two courts but I stay true to all my words to whatever diety I am asking things from.

Hey tell those christain thoughtforms to hit the road jack & dont come back. My experince i didnt mind giving blood to all the goetia spirits but i knew it housed my dna its life force. Trust me they will work with you if its not ridiculous.almost like they want the job.

So when I’ve called a Spirit (Sallos) I’ve had his sigil and red and black candles. And after chanting his name I’ve asked for his help and the New i say thanks and say he may leave. Never know if they arrive or if he sends a minion. Without seeing or knowing for sure if it’s my energy, any other ways to know he heard the request. I just know that the goetia spirits use blood magic so that’s why I’ve given blood plus for some energy for them.

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I thought so ,most old Christian dogmas about spirits are NOT TRUE ,take it from me if you think negatively and fearfully you’ll attract it ( just like friends )and that may effects thos who are around you ,but generally if you want to communicate with a spirit your welcoming tham into your life ,so be prepeard to experience some paranormal things at times and knowing how to handle it ,if one day you saw a spirit throwing a spoon at you what are you going to do ,lose your shit and move out your house,no take that spoon and throw it right back,I’m not saying be rude or disrespectful but showthem your worthy ,and that you value yourself and know exactly where your standing ,will attract god like spirits ,challenge your old views and believing what your experiencing and see and give chance and some trust to the spirit (friend) you choose carefully .

Thank you for your response. I actually am a certified demonologist and have gone to places to clear out negative spirits and have seen some crazy things, but when I try to conjure up a spirit, I can’t see them. But that could be due to my own self. Your absoulty right about the spoon thing, don’t fear, show your worthy.

Is your third eye opend? Or do you have magic mirror ??to see them.

I’ll like to say yes because I get downloads here and there and on the occasion a glimps of the future and can read people’s intentions.

Also what’s your opinion on helping kids at church and teaching them about becoming there best selfs and about conspiracys then also working with demons. That conflicting?

I’d say that that’s what there suppose to be though at church :joy: id be great if you do that ,but workin with demons to me is 18+ subject that needs to be takin seriously not all kids will understand it especially when the bible says don’t do witchcraft and working with demons involves witchcraft that will confuse the shit out of them pluse it could be dangerous for them ,id say that you should teach them that spirits are like humans there’s good and bad ,not all Angels are perfect/anglic/light/right hand and not all demons are demoinc/evil/dark/left hand .

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Agreed on that! That’s what I say basically but I just am not wanting to piss off any dietys I’m working with. My goal is to help humanity to higher there consciousness and awake. So I’m not trying to have any spiritual wars arise here haha

Exactly, if you want them to wake up teach them what most people don’t tell them about spirits,I’m counting on you our new generation are in your hands.:joy::joy::joy:

Agreed i would love to teach kids who the real gods are. But nowadays. Eh. Best let them be called on their own.

Blood is considered pretty standard in one of the paths I walk. It’s sort of the go too default offering. Of course I trust these Sprits, so I am not sure if their could be any problems if you just gave blood to a Spirit that might mean you harm.

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I am teaching it in a subtle way so there’s not much atttention and I believe in a lot of conspiracys and I open there mind to that, plus asking morality questions and self betterment. So I’m trying :joy:

And Yeah they say that, I’ve done it for Sallos of the Goetia. I know he is good with humans and able to help love. Can’t say I got anyone but he could be working to help me get it. But I did get a gargoyle(claryvoient I know sees it) with me as another spirit guide so I’m assuming that has to be a sign. Have any of you gotten a familiar from a Spirit?

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