How do you know when a sigil has been activated?

How do you know exactly when a sigil has been activated? Do you just go by faith and hope that it works or do you genuinely feel or see something?


When you meditate on it and charge it, after that charging it basically activates it unless it’s the type of sigil that requires it to be focused on to activate.

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Ok, because I have read some people say that they see the sigil almost come out in 3D or almost light up a bit. Also some people burn the sigil, I rip the piece of paper. Is that ok?

ripping, burning, any works yeah

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When it happens you will know it, you need to let go of your physical senses they tend to confuse things and cause you to look in the wrong direction.
Practice with your inner sight. One suggestion to get stronger with this is to sit in front of your altar with your sigil, look at it all, the candles, the sigil, the incense, your bed etc, where is it all placed. Now close your eyes and recreate it exactly in your mind. The more you do this the more you will strengthen your inner sight. This is where the magick happens and will eventually affect the physical.

when it glows, morphs, lines dissapear