How do you know spirits want to work with you?

Hello everyone , the title kinda says it all , but to be more specific , what for personnal experience are the signs that you can recognise a specific spirit want to work with you ? i mean by that , in the case that you never contacted before the spirit and not even tried it .


Usually an unsolicited visit or two. I had both Ereshkigal and Papa Legba drop in on me, for example, even though I had never called them.


I go off my intuition, if I feel that they want to work with me…then they probably do. If I feel pulled towards a spirit then that might be a sign too.


for me,ussualy they come in my sleep the few spirits that want to work with me😄.
Or they can pop up their name out of the blue.
Your intuition will guide you more than anything else.


Spirits usually come to me in dreams if there’s a problem in my life that needs solving or any other particular reason. I’ll have a dream about them and I’ll do research to see if there’s an area in my life with which the spirit can help me. Usually they can help me, but sometimes it turns out to not mean anything.

I also go by intuition and if there are signs that are bold and blatant, like for instance, I work with Disodioria from Kingdom of Flame frequently, and if she wants to send me a message, a blue bird will fly to my back yard and just sit there.

Things like that…