How do you know if your under a the effects of a curse?

I’ve been reading and talking with other magicians and as of late I have been successful in many parts of my life. I’ve had a few tell me from just me telling them a bit about my situation that I maybe under a curse. Looking for ideas on how to solve my problem and continue on my accent.

Get a psychic reading.

I’m working on doing this again last few that I had sent me away and told me there’s a great darkness that surrounds me lol. Never told me why just sent me away.

After raising my Kundalini I started aura viewing and when I look at myself that was this bright yellow lightning that faded into orange and red all over my hands and arms. The rest of dark red to black. I’m not sure what this means.

Well, if the source of said curse is any good, you won’t know…and neither will anyone else. Always be preemptive and construct a ritual geared towards dissolving negative intent that’s been cast upon you. Think of it like taking a bath to remove the filth you’ve collected throughout the day.

Like a banishing ritual? I haven’t done too many of these is there a specific one your suggest?

Or take a literal bath. Magical baths are very potent.

Uhh.i got a qestion baths is a hoodoo thing to clear/ removed bad back in the day peoplz use a white light to surreand themselfes.and get away of darkness.but im confius its just for curses/ handjobs? I enghlish.or could be differente instwad sending a spieit? Sorry i still working in enghlis

Baths aren’t a hoodoo thing. They are part of many other spiritual traditions in the world.
You can use baths for any purpose.

“Protection and reversal magick” by Jason Miller is a really good book on how to identify and reverse curses easily.

I had suspitions that a whol coven of wiccans where fucking with me after a recent break up but. nothing really happened just cloudy thoughts and lots of rage. I never worked with an angeal until what im about to say.
a sigil kept appearing in my mind and I kept seeing wisps everywhere ( I get stuck in T/G and cant ground well for years) . I always brushed it off until I herd a voice in my mind that imitated Niberu, it was not Niberu however. He told me to seek the sigil I sought. long story short it was the angeal Opfaal. I found him in the evocation workbook.
Lucky for me it was a full moon, For some reasons angeals actually use times and hours and seasons. I usually pay no mind but hey whatever. I evoked him he cam quick I said I do not know what is wrong wheathter it is a curse or mental illness or some other form of misfortune and that whatever it is and all of what it is help me to rid myself of this filth. I sent him away. He stopped me and said this will take time you have many enemies and many curses agains the vessel. ( I call myself a vessel). He has been steady working and asked for little just that I share my experience. I Will retaliate with a force 10 million times greater than that of a super nova. I cant believe she broke our truce and to bring in an entire coven lol, if they new what they wher doing I should have died months ago, anyways summon Opfaal soon bfor the moon is no longer full otherwise whait till the new moon in 2 weeks.
Still shocked I summoned an angeal… Maybe I should become grey instead of jet black