How do you know if you are curse or hex

The only reason I asked is because I always have some weird dreams and one of them was so Freaking weird the it shocked and scare the living hell out of me what does having a Black cat giving birth to 2 zombie humanoid Creatures chasing after you means

@Sylus sounds more like you have problems your trying to pretend don’t exist. So the black cat seems to be your shadow birthing your problems as zombies coming after you. Meaning you can’t avoid themproblem forever you need to deal with them.

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Yeah but that’s the thing my Companion told me I was actually being attack as I was running way from whatever it was I saw my Companions running towards me holding whatever it was the was attacking me back allowing me to wake up from the dream i was confuse so I asked them what was the and they told me I was being attacked

Seems like you answer your own question then?

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Yes I did but I mean what does the black cat means because I been seeing it in almost all my dream and everytime I see it fear comes over me

Perhaps it is the psyche´s imagery for your fear


I dreamed about a black cat recently also. Except the one in my dream was really nice it was doing little hops with its paws up in the air towards me, trying to get me to pick it up like a little kid I actually laughed in the dream and said “nah nah”. I realized after some digging it had to do with my ability to give and recieve love. You should do some more digging and see exactly what that cat means to you. Use your intuition, think of your life and possible reasons for that dream.

I’ve had dreams that were soo fucking spooky to me. I’d wake up and say “no” and then close my eyes to try and go back to the dream and face my fears.

It’s not easy, but you can overcome those dreams! :muscle: