How do you know if a demon wants to help you?

okay so i’ve tried using the simple sigil gazing method to connect with gremory. how do i know if she is going to help me? i’m not that psychic so i never hear/see anything. and i never see signs. i have heard her in my dream asking me to summon her yesterday night. since then i have tried twice and still no clue if she wants to help me or not. how will i know she’s accepted my offerings and is helping the situation?

Assume she is.

If you think she contacted you in dreams asking you to summon her, then, in my opinion, she wants to help you.


alright word. the only thing is after i summoned her for help yesterday, my ex and i talked over the phone and our talk didn’t go so well. we said our goodbyes like our ‘official goodbye well never talk again’ goodbyes. and i cried a lot. do you think she’s still trying to help the situation?

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Magick doesn’t work immediately, except in rare circumstance, especially if you are seeking to manipulate someone’s emotions or will. There are always obstacles to overcome, which takes time. Trust in Gremory.


awesome thank you !

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You may want to get a spirit box to aid with communication… they can be a bit pricy but I got a good one on my iPhone “Sono x10” you can download it for free or get the pro edition for a few penny’s… this should help to bridge the gap and make your life and their life easier!… I know sounds like a add right!… well for just $2.99 you could tell me to stuff it or you could get an all new hit of coffee! Cause clearly your caffeine intake is to low if your gonna go after me?!… anyway… XD