How do you know if a demon is listening?

I don’t know if I’m not going deep enough into trance or what, but I can never really feel anything when I evoke. How do I know if they hear me? And does anyone have any tips?


There’s tons of posts here that will you tell you they hear you anyway, their always listening.


I can’t hear spirits at the moment too but every time I do rituals… I know they are present. I usually feel a shift in energy and embrace it, speak to it. Work on your senses & meditate.

Also candles are great, when spirits are present I experience the flame to dance and flicker.


Yeah it’s very common for new magicians to believe their evocations haven’t worked. Some even leave the ritual without closing it because they’re convinced no contact was made. Contact is always made. Lucifer’s presence came through to me fully in the room when I was at work on a night shift by myself, just meditating on him. That’s because I’ve had practice meditating and learning to hone my focus and mind.

If a being is choosing to ignore you, which would rarely happen, you would sense their stubbornness I reckon. Or their absence would just feel strong.


I knew Prince Enki/Lucifer would be busy last night so I evoked him a “message”, letting him know I knew he was super busy with evocations due to the timing and offered him dinner (roast/veggies) to stay energized…then closed. I felt him momentarily, listening in during that time. I know he heard. I will give him blood for an extra boost tonight. Same type thing. Gifting. I’m very big on gifting because that’s just how I am. Thoughtful. It’s why I never ask for return on healings. It’s just something I enjoy doing.


They’re like Sauron esp in that rts game except instead of see its “I HEAR YOU!”

Though I guess it could be like an old cb

“breaker six-niner I hear you good buddy! Bear in the air en route!”

“Good lord! Is that FahrnumDrunk?


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I tend to talk in my head or out loud to whoever’s around.

I’m sure they’ve heard my rambles so just assume that they can always hear you.


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Greek Gods… they don’t only hear you… they come after you!

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It’s when you see shit that it gets weird…


I read that as, “what the astral fuck?” Lol


Pffftttt… my meme failed… oh well to recap on Greek Gods.

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Hi my name is Dean I have tried twice to contact amon I meditated for about 20 minutes and called him about 10 times saying I’m on come to me come to me burnt his incense and downloaded his chant off YouTube and was playing that at the same I also had his sigil in front of me time I’m not sure whether I have contacted him or not or whether he has heard me or not do I keep trying to contact him until I get a sign

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Trying to contact him several times until you get a sign seems like you do not have any confidence or trust that you contacted him.
You’ll hopefully learn how to trust and be confident in your summonings.

Tbh I don’t feel anything while summoning an entity and that did give me doubts but after contacting Amon, he gave me the confidence and trust that I needed to believe that whenever I summon someone they can hear me and that they are there listening to whatever I have to say

Thanks for your reply I guess I will just have to have more confidence in myself and stop thinking that everything is so black and White thank you once again for your reply as I feel that it has definitely helped me

I think the feeling you should look for is a feeling of relief or satisfaction more than anything else. Then we can look into more visceral, i.e. illusory and seemingly external things we take to be real, things. In fact, the constant seeking might activate a pathway in consciousness to something that is the opposite of what you want: just do the ritual, or whatever it is your doing, to the best of your ability and leave it at that.

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Cheers I basically have just trying not to think about it try not to think about her and try not to think about the outcome and hopefully when I least expect it then it will hit me at once I thank everyone for the input as everyone no matter what I have asked has been extremely helpful to me I just hope one day when I am good enough I can return the favour to other people and give them great advice like the great advice that I have been getting off all the people on this site thanks again Dean

I apologise because this is so rhp, but as Encore19 stated,

The hair on my arms stands up like by static electricity. I sweat - big time. As Konrad_Luci stated,

Me too. That’s it. Compared to seeing and hearing spirits it’s boring. Also effective.