How Do You Kill Love?

Personally I dont think the freeze spell would do the trick here, I used it a couple times for different targets and although I saw some results I dont think is potent enough for “stop and the other party to stop contacting you forever amen”, at least from what I experienced…why not some sigil magick if youre a beginner, or evocation if youre advanced?

I don’t think you can help him with this, it’s not a case of having an unwelcome intrusion into his sphere that he can’t shake on his own, he is actively pursuing this himself. There are of course options to force an end but I think you will find they won’t give him the outcome he wants. If you push to hard on his problem what I foresee happening is the whole situation going public and forcing some form of closure. I would be being very careful that you don’t end up on the receiving end of his woe if it breaks down that way.

Demons that cause love can also take it away. But I will not help with this on principle. People who live their lives according to such rules and treat a ring on a finger like some sort of prison for their souls sicken me to the depths of my soul, as much as do men who break their oaths.

Yep, thats so…damn…

Agreed, he will be remembering her as the one who got away forever. If its true love. How could you marry someone else when your heart is truly in love with another? I could never do that shit. Its like people who marry for status or ego reasons.

You kill it in fire, you burn it away as the hormone based lie it is, then you get on with being a young god and bedding whomever you want!