How do you identify?


Witch. Trad witch if I’m feeling pedantic. Sorcerer or practitioner sometimes depending on context. Or atheist if I cant be bothered to discuss my craft with some random asshole


Hi there!

I am utilitarian, which would mark me as a Chaos Magician in the terms of “we throw shit at the walls and see what sticks”, because I consider sorcery as a natural skill that really does not require any grief or dogma (unless we consider that precise bouts of zealotry are what makes magick work in rituals!). Otherwise it seems as if we’re trying to politicize speedwalking or handstands, but in other words, I tell people that by thinking very loud and angry thoughts you get spooky stuff to happen.

Now, philosophically? To keep it in a paragraph: I dunno, mane. I’m just working from this point way up. Is there a god? Are we godlets in our own right? Practise and find out, question everything, and all those phrases that make me look deep to easily-impressed newbies grasping their first Raven Silverwolf book. But I believe in Satan as the personification of tradition, stoicism and the subconscious mind, who acts as a guardian spirit who knows all your failings and forces you to confront them, at least by acknowledging were you’re not putting honest effort. Then, when the time is right and you’re enough of a self-righteous asshole? He introduces you to his brother Lucifer who is the personification of inventiveness, and you get to impress Him with whatever crazy (but working) sorcery you got going. I guess after you die you get to do real awesome things with the bros, since you’re pretty much closer without a meatsuit than before, but time will tell I guess!

Either way pardon the teenage language, it’s just that I don’t want to delve into philosophical territory. You’d never forgive my more highly opinionated and pedantic side, plus, I’d rather get to share whatever little discovery I make that actually works! Hopefully :sweat_smile:


Not trying to pull ya strings, but I thought your username referred to Bone Daddy:


You’re right, 333.

" What an asshole and a colossal skeletal dickhead. "
Best part of us.


Eclectic witch. I use whatever feels right.


I am I. I’m indescribable.