How do you identify?

I’m a Magician first and foremost.

Crowley is great, but only if just like him you’re a genius with a classical education.

Arthur Edward Waite is a waste of time and money. Still popular with armchair types, dictionary to hand. Spent early on studying Wicca, but who doesn’t. In January 1976 I had the paperback of The Devil’s Prayer Book !

Before the internet you’ve absolutely no idea just how fucking hard it was to get anything useful, all the more so when you were just growing pubes and don’t have money or a driver’s licence. It was cruel but I persevered.

Taoist Magick is great and has a lhp but it’s not my scene. The Tao de Jing is a nasty little book but well worth the effort; as is Sun Tzu’s The Art of War and Machiavelli’s The Prince . All three are political in nature.

Of the two Anton’s - LaVey and Long - both taught me precious, learnt knowledge. However, it was Peter James Carroll who made me a Magician!



Very familiar with Sun Tzu and Lao Tzu. I did my university dissertation on them and the I Ching.

I use everything to achieve my goals and develope myself (both Spiritual and Physical). No limits existence in my head and no emotions that can hold me back.

I’m just like a bloody Warrior, a Soldier (as my real names means: Warrior God) who came down to evolve, while opens Gates between Worlds, Dimensions. But here, I can be a Leader. a Ruler, a fearsome, uninhibited Strategist, immoral Manipulator.

Consume. Adapt. Evolve. Overcome.

In my life, and even in my past lifes, War, Fight and Blood are was always take a serious part of me. I’m up to continue the battle, and my lessons from my Godself, from the Life, from Abaddon. For I know, We have a history… serve under His leadership and much more.

A Warrior what I was I am I will.


I just say im an occultist tho do worship satan and the old gods. I focus on the egyptian pantheon.

I consider anyone who has or does work with daemons to be a warlock

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Hey there, @TaliaS. I see you joined us back in December, and have made four posts so far, but have not yet introduced yourself. Please take a moment to post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us a bit about yourself and any magical experience you may have. It is a rule of this forum and not optional.

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Devil worshiper.

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I identify as a Apache Attack Helicopter

Wrong thread


An occultist. 30 degrees Pisces, so ready to jump off the wheel. (But I quite like it here.) A friend.

All of my other hats, I have thrown off in disgust or disillusionment in the past.

Warlock’s not a good term for it. A warlock is a traitor of the coven though if a coven suggests you never work with demons within the coven, then yeah, a warlock would be the term.

A warlock is just a term for male magicians i thought?

That’s the common thought due to Hollywood using it as a term for male witches and writings as well. A male witch is still a male witch. That’s what I’ve been told by practising witches anyway, I could be wrong

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A curious Germanic trad witch.

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This comes up a lot in various places. Warlock has different meanings. In old english it means faith breaker or one who is in league with the devil. In modern scots however it means male witch, wizard, sorcerer. I looked up the history of the word. In anycase, a word is a word anyway and the spirits don’t really care what we call ourselves at least from my experience anyway.


No prob I just did

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I like to think of myself as a Chaos Mage or Sorcerer if I am really feeling powerful. I like that in Chaos magick, you get to research all the sources to find whatever you need to accomplish your ends. You are never trapped by any one dogma or philosophy. I really enjoy creating my own rituals as well as borrowing pieces and/or ideas from the many different schools of magick.


Witch. Trad witch if I’m feeling pedantic. Sorcerer or practitioner sometimes depending on context. Or atheist if I cant be bothered to discuss my craft with some random asshole


Hi there!

I am utilitarian, which would mark me as a Chaos Magician in the terms of “we throw shit at the walls and see what sticks”, because I consider sorcery as a natural skill that really does not require any grief or dogma (unless we consider that precise bouts of zealotry are what makes magick work in rituals!). Otherwise it seems as if we’re trying to politicize speedwalking or handstands, but in other words, I tell people that by thinking very loud and angry thoughts you get spooky stuff to happen.

Now, philosophically? To keep it in a paragraph: I dunno, mane. I’m just working from this point way up. Is there a god? Are we godlets in our own right? Practise and find out, question everything, and all those phrases that make me look deep to easily-impressed newbies grasping their first Raven Silverwolf book. But I believe in Satan as the personification of tradition, stoicism and the subconscious mind, who acts as a guardian spirit who knows all your failings and forces you to confront them, at least by acknowledging were you’re not putting honest effort. Then, when the time is right and you’re enough of a self-righteous asshole? He introduces you to his brother Lucifer who is the personification of inventiveness, and you get to impress Him with whatever crazy (but working) sorcery you got going. I guess after you die you get to do real awesome things with the bros, since you’re pretty much closer without a meatsuit than before, but time will tell I guess!

Either way pardon the teenage language, it’s just that I don’t want to delve into philosophical territory. You’d never forgive my more highly opinionated and pedantic side, plus, I’d rather get to share whatever little discovery I make that actually works! Hopefully :sweat_smile:


Not trying to pull ya strings, but I thought your username referred to Bone Daddy:

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You’re right, 333.

" What an asshole and a colossal skeletal dickhead. "
Best part of us.

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