How do you identify?


I was curious as to how people identify on this forum.

The left hand path is made up of so many elements and facets that people appear to use all sorts of terms.

Witch, Satanist, (Lucifarian or La Vey), Wicca, Demonologist, Necromancer…

Are you a Witch? Are you a La Veyan Satanist with a focus on Enochian Magic and Crowley theory?

These are a mix of religions, paths, avenues of study and blanket terms. But when identifying yourself, what would you say you are.

Use one word, use one hundred words. I’d love to know.


Crowley theory?
Philosophically I’m a Thelemite. But I have a voracious appetite for magic and I will consume any form of it indiscriminately.


Straight White Male.

Seriously though, I’m a True Chaote. A lot of Hermetic Kabbalah type stuff blended with easter style stuff and some other things basically.


I identify as a higher being. Because of weird circumstances I’m here on earth. So there ya go :slight_smile:


Couldn’t think of any other way to put Crowley Theory. Never know, someone may use that :slight_smile: followers of the book of law


Undecided user of whatever will do the job.


“Spiritual but not religious.”
It’s non-committal and dull enough to avoid much curiosity and doesn’t back me into a corner.
After than, wot Oddnan said ^


I’m a traditional Catholic exploring the darker side of spirituality, and exploring the inherent authority of human beings within the context of the ethereal hierarchy.


Left handed Taoist Norse Pagan Magician


Sorceress. Ex Mistress of Satan. I lean towards Chaos Magick. Play with Star Magick.




There are some who call me…Tim.


Non-traditional black magician with chaotic practice, as well as Norse elements woven in in order to satisfy as many Traditions I feel a calling for.

In order to be more palatable for some of the more sensitive groups, I tend to say the following description.

Eclectic Pagan with left hand path leanings.


May I be part of your sect, O venerable Tim !? Ha ha!


I am currently a black hole coated with sounds and images and tactile impressions.


I’m not on the left hand path. But, I identify as a Rodnover, which means I’m a Slavic Pagan.


I’m me, nothing and everything


I’m a Chaote. Occasionally I’ll refer to myself as a Chaos Mage if I’m feeling silly. I don’t like to refer to myself as a witch because it invites too many questions.




Shit, like i fucking know, whatever works in my book. I want to get more into Thelma and Kabbalah.