How do you guys do that?

I don’t care what awesome successes you had, if you didn’t solve that issue.
To those who achieved it: How did you do it?


Is this about how to find time for magick? The question is unclear.


A thing that came to my mind:

Make what you love your buisness.
=multible but inconsistent incomes

Example: things i would like to do for a living: flash animation, drawings, paintings, sculptures, programming and engineering,hunting, maybe even to design some edgy clothes XD

I wanna do magic to achieve things, not because of the rituals themselves.

How did you guys get there?

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What I want to do and what I need to do are two very different things…
Magic… the rituals, I actually like them because I’m beginning something…


In all seriousness it is almost as simple as you said. What do you love doing? Is there a problem that needs solving or a demand that is not being met associated with your passion? Can you address that problem or need in a way that creates positive cash flow?

You said you like to hunt. Is there a demand in the hunting field for guides, professional hunters, a certain type of animal fur in demand, etc? Fill that need and charge for your services. I know this is a bit of a simplified example but I think you get the idea. Find a way to get paid to do what you would be doing for free in your spare time anyway.

This is important too, and carries the importance of delayed gratification. Sometimes you need to do things you do not want to do so that you may continue or actualize what you want to do, better and in perpetuity.


I got fed up of my situation and ran through some rituals of my own making and poured all of my will into the working. The goal? Get rid of some jerk that was standing in my way.

The result? I now “landed” a high stress, but kick ass day job within a month of the Working and wound up with a lucrative side-gig. Technically speaking, holding on to this arrangement a few years would make me financially very well off. (Like pay off all my debts in two years kind of “well off”)

Of course, what I realize now, is my old job was stress free and that holding on to one new stressful (albeit kick ass) job is hard enough, let alone a second gig.

Be careful what you wish for! Lol.


You can do magick even when working. The customers are a bunch of batteries for your practices! :grin:


i don’t have customers.

i get paid for 5,5 hours + a bit more, depending on how many quarantine rooms or additional crap i gotta clean.
Regardless if i’m busy for 7-9 hours. +time to get there and back home, on foot or with 2-3 different bus lines -without ticket

But sure… i could find the time to eat my stuff, somewhere outside, or i would meditate.

there’s days i work 12+ hours. I understand some days how finding time for magick can be difficult. But you have to make your magick work for you. On days you are just too busy, find time to at least meditate, even at your busiest i’m sure you can find at least 10 minutes a day. Then one your days off dive into ritual to improve your situation to make it so you have more time and money :slight_smile:

or find time to practice while at work. Slow day at work? do some basic spirit communication with just a sigil, or work on energy work / direct magick of some kind. or like what @john_doe suggested (at least i think this is what me meant) get an ass-hat customer, practice psychic vampirism